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MINGDA Customized Large 3D Printer Used into Advertisement Industry

Date:2017-06-14 Hits:353
MINGDA Customized Large 3D Printer Used into Advertisement Industry

   Traditional print ads can not give users a stunning feeling. However, the rise of 3D ads provide a clear direction for large 3d printer, which means that 3D advertising market becomes mature, and 3D printers can also fight in the field of advertising fist.

   Advertising with a large 3d printer can also be a more vivid performance in representing the features of main product, such as: McDonald's can print large hamburgers or fries, and Disneyland can print large Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. This display is not only more attractive than the traditional print ads, but it also makes users stunned, which means that 3D ads plays can bring a more effective publicity purposes.


   Recently, there are many advertising companies to contact MINGDA company to consult the 3D printed ads. There is also a Spanish customer to customize large 3D printer with the printing size of 1200x400x400mm for printing ads. Perhaps you want to ask, why do they choose MINGDA large 3D printer?


   Advantages of MINGDA large 3D Printer


   1) High Stability: Fully enclosed structure and all metal integrated body, ensuring outstanding printing performance on high temperature materials. Machine shell separated from the internal environment, easy to the replace of the each parts.


   2) High Precision: New upgrade motor, lighter and less error; layer thickness up to 0.05mm, the printer up to 0.1mm.


   3) Long-time Working: each machine tested continuously for over 10x24 hours before leaving factory. Even if power off, machine can stop working, save printing data for about 24 hours, and continue printing from where it stops after once power on.


   4) Affordable Price: Compared with other industrial 3d printer machines, machines are built in a mass production, saving cost of machine.


  Please click on the last three pictures to watch mingda 3d printer working video. For more information, please contact the MINGDA professional sales team.