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MINGDA Industrial 3D Printer Make Prototypes of Water Glass & Bottle

Date:2017-07-10 Hits:419
MINGDA Industrial 3D Printer Make Prototypes of Water Glass & Bottle

   Before, we heard that many design company choose MINGDA industrial 3d printer for making prototypes. Many of you may ask about the advantages about our 3d printing machine. At the moment, our professional sales would list a series of technical advantages covering features of hardware, software, firmware etc. If you are a green hand to 3d printer, compared with some detailed configuration, some visible superiority through video and picture may make you clear to our industrial 3d printer.

   Take a famous group company of water glass in China as an example, a practical cases. A client who is senior staff in this company, looked for a suitable 3D printer for the designers in his company. Before, they need to open the mold for each of their new designs. One day, his knew FDM 3d printer occasionally from his friend. Because of not knowing 3D printer and hardly to find a good quality FDM 3D printnig machine, he began to ask 3D printing company to print out the design after their designers make the drawings. They found us, and understand MINGDA industrial 3D printer. After they consulted with the sales in MINGDA, they found that it's easy to use the machine and the printing effect of MINGDA industrial 3D printer is quite good.

   Now, the designers are happy with the 3D printer as they can print out their designs easily, also saving a lot money and time for opening a mold. Below is some of their designing models. For more videos, click the picture to enter into youtube.