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A Red Face Legend - Guan Yu - Date Back Three Kingdoms Period with MINGDA 3D Printer

Date:2017-08-28 Hits:169
A Red Face Legend - Guan Yu - Date Back Three Kingdoms Period with MINGDA 3D Printer

   Today, it's one of Chinese tradition valentine's day. However, editor would like to show you a famous legend made by MINDGA 3d printer but not Niulang or Zhinv. Below is about the background information of Guan Yu.

   Guan Yu (died 220 CE),[1] courtesy name Yunchang, was a general serving under the warlord Liu Bei in the late Eastern Han dynasty. He played a significant role in the events that led to the collapse of the dynasty and the establishment of the state of Shu Han – founded by Liu Bei – in the Three Kingdoms period. 

Guan Yu(made by mingda 3d printer)

   As one of the best known Chinese historical figures throughout East Asia, Guan Yu's true life stories have largely given way to fictionalised ones, most of which are found in the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms or passed down the generations, in which his deeds and moral qualities have been lionised. Guan Yu is respected as an epitome of loyalty and righteousness. He is portrayed as having a red face.

Guan Yu's Mount (made by mingda 3d printer)

   Guan Yu was deified as early as the Sui dynasty and is still worshipped by many Chinese people today in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and among many overseas Chinese communities. In religious devotion he is reverentially called the "Divus Guan" (Guān Dì) or "Lord Guan" (Guān Gōng). He is a deity worshipped in Chinese folk religion, popular Confucianism, Taoism, and Chinese Buddhism, and small shrines to him are almost ubiquitous in traditional Chinese shops and restaurants. His hometown Yuncheng has also named its airport after him.

Guan Yu's Mout and Walking Sabre (made by MINGDA 3D Printer)

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