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Customized Size Shoes / Boots printed by MINGDA 3D Printer

Date:2017-09-21 Hits:193
Customized Size Shoes / Boots printed by MINGDA 3D Printer

   Nowadays, people would like to stress individualism, and they could express through what they wear. As technology in FDM 3d printer and custom printing has advanced over the years, many designers use MINGDA 3D scanner to customize shoes or boots for their clients.

   A technical is always regarded as a boring man. But this time the technical of mingda 3d printer change both of our minds.

   It happens to the technical's girlfriend's birthday. Suddenly, an idea emerges to him. Let's see what the amazing guy is going to do after his girlfriend goes outside...

   1. Use high accuracy MD-7000 3D scanner to get the STL file

   2. Slice up the STL file through CURA, and save it in G-Code in an SD card

   3. Put the card into MINGDA MD-4C industrial 3D printer, build size 300x200x200mm

   4. After 8 hours, a beautiful boot by MINGDA 3d printer is finished