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Why 3D Printer Become A Important Part Of China International Hi-Tech Fair?

Date:2017-10-31 Hits:49
Why 3D Printer Become A Important Part Of China International Hi-Tech Fair?

Why 3d printer Become A Important Part Of China International Hi-Tech Fair?

Nowadays, the 3D printer technology is become the most popular among China International Hi-Tech Fair. As a 8-year experience of Research and Development of 3D printer manufacture in China, ShenZhen Yangmingda Technology Co.,Ltd focus on provide high quality products to our clients and winning high reputation among our clients. From the pre-sales to after-sale technical support, the ShenZhen Yangmingda Technology Co.,Ltd is the leading FDM 3d printer manufacture in China. While for the more step forward development of 3D printer, we take a positive parts in the China International Hi-Tech Fair, to take a further forward step in this industry.

ShenZhen Yangmingda Technology Co.,Ltd as a leading manufacture of 3D printer for more than 8 years. During this 8 years, we focus on provide best quality and good service to our clients. The rich experience and insisting innovation keeps the pace with 3D Printer technology development. So far, our machine printing speed up to 300mm/s (adjustable), the 3d printer machine printing layer thickness is up to 0.05mm. Beside the strong stability there also have the advantages of high accuracy and superb quiet printing etc.


Linear guide


Internal Stepper Motor

In the market, there are several kinds 3d printer, but far now, fdm 3d printer is the most mature type in the market. In this way, there raise a question, why do you think you are the best choice for us? Frankly speaking, here have several reason for dismiss your question.

The Biggest Advantages Distinguish Us From Other Supplier:


1. Full enclose metal frame machine body, create a good printing surrounding to the machine.

2. Superb silent printing, the machine working noise only up to 45db, library level, which is mean no impact on your daily work and rest, you can place this machine both of your office and home.

3. Exquisite internal structure, full linear X Y Z axis, 10mm thickened aluminum heat bed, superb quiet printing noise level.

4. Operating system, design with 5 inch full color touch screen, just like a cell phone easy to operate, while the market product still the hand screw to operate.

5. Lifetime technical support, to support our clients well, we also supply one-to-one technical support to our clients. We would like to send youtube video if needed.


10mm Thickened Aluminum Plate

What Do Your Machine Use For?

As you know, FDM 3d printer machine with its high accuracy, strong stability and good quality etc advantages have a bright future in the market. The 3D printer machine can use for jewelry design, tooth design, industrial use, automobile parts design, architectural model design, medical application area and so on....something like this 3d model that what you want to print, which use the printed model to forecast the projects feasibility.

Here Is The Printed Model For Your Reference:


Aircraft fan

The printed model advantages:

High accuracy, can directly seen the details of printed model and can easily see the printed model effect.

High smooth, the printed model appearance is very smooth and brightly, easily to see the pre-model of your house.

The printed 3D model can be use for personal shop, house decoration, personal collection etc.


The printed Tank

To sump up, the ShenZhen Yangmingda Technology Co.,Ltd Committed to the exchange of high technology and adopt the creative idea into 3D printer machine, product high quality 3d printer to make a contribution on China High-Tech industrial development.