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3D Printed Ice Habitat Concept for Mars Draws Acclaim From NASA

Date:2016-01-14 Hits:334
3D Printed Ice Habitat Concept for Mars Draws Acclaim From NASA

Do you dream of visiting Mars? The Red Planet is the next challenge for space exploration and something that NASA is actively preparing for.In anticipation of such a milestone, NASA asked aspiring scientists to produce mock habitats that astronauts could live in on Mars.

One team came up with the concept for Ice House. They printed the concept out using a 3d printer. In practice, the habitat would utilize water found on Mars to create walls made out of ice.The dwelling, to be situated in Mars’ northern hemisphere, would consist of a multi-layered, pressurised shell of ice 5 centimetres thick, which its designers say would protect the structure’s inhabitants from the harmful effects of cosmic and solar radiation.
Ice House’s designers go into considerable depth on how the structure could be implemented on their website – and it’s no amateur effort, either, with the team comprising 12 scientists including astrophysicists, geologists, structural engineers, and 3D printing engineers.