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DIY 3D printed bicycle

Date:2016-01-14 Hits:272
DIY 3D printed bicycle

With The Bike Project, we wanted to make a major push towards a future we believe in; where anyone with access to a 3d printer and internet, will be able to manufacture tools/products that they will use in their everyday lives, and that those around them can use in their everyday lives.

Each of the individual parts of the bicycle are made using a desktop 3d printer. The modular design allows for these parts to be easily be removed or replaced without needing any expensive specialist tools or skills.

3D printing allows a huge freedom of forms and allows unique features in the design. This has been used to implement a new kind of adhesive distribution system. With this technique one can assemble the bike and add an polyurethane adhesive which distributes itself to the right places without getting your hands dirty. The strength of the bike frame has been tested with a FEM analysis and, of course in real life use.