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Engineer makes 3D printed electric violin

Date:2016-01-14 Hits:292
Engineer makes 3D printed electric violin

For whatever reason, violins are often at the forefront of futuristic design. But no matter how crazy a violin looks, the only thing that really matters is how it sounds. And now we have a further transformation of the beloved violin’s origins, has been 3D printed violin. 

Some of us may know the violin from the lessons we took as children or symphonies we’ve attended. Others may know it more commonly as the fiddle. The most renowned violin, worldwide, is the Stradivarius, which is honored for its craftsmanship and sound, and can be as expensive as several million dollars. For those of us who prefer the lower expense of a different kind of crafted violin, like a 3D printed one.

It may not be a Stradivarius, but the ongoing 3D printing of musical instruments brings instruments, inspiring more people to join the 3D printed musical instrument arena. In the future of printing off 3D reproductions of designer violin bodies, stringing them up, and performing on them, without ever hitting the music shop.