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Shenzhen "LiYuan" primary school as MINGDA 3D printing Education

Date:2016-02-24 Hits:361

As the top 1 3D printing technology company in China, MINGDA established Education Division to start 3D printing lessons  and service for students , which is a practice for Chinese Science and Technology Promoting development policy,  and immediately attract attentions in China.
Comply with the trend of development,more and more schools introduce 3d printers. Recently,for instance, to create student’s innovation thought and creation ability,the Ministry of Education in Yunnan Province bought 6000 sets 3D Printers. Unfortunately,.it does not fully meet our expectation. According to the survey, lots of relevant people of schools and educational institutions aren't master relevant knowledge of 3D Printing. Although they have 3D Printers, they are only enjoying themselves, printing a Baymax and Minions, then put them alone, and become a truly decoration. 3D Printing course are in extremely urgent.
To meet the needs of universities, primary and secondary school students comprehensive and personalized development, and promote science and technology curriculum negotiations, MINGDA Education Service Center will according to the characteristics of different ages’ students to have developed different 3D printing training courses, set up different matching scheme, of course, including customization. From the 3D printer debugging to draw a 3D model, and then print out the 3D printing process, on door service, including learning and know how to operate, so that the increasing material manufacturing technology to really take root in the hearts of students. Shenzhen "LiYuan" primary school as MINGDA flow partner, became the first service object. 

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