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3D Printing UAVs Into The Biggest Spectacle In 2016

Date:2016-02-29 Hits:367
3D Printing UAVs Into The Biggest Spectacle In 2016

2015 is the rapid development year of 3D printing technology, many small and medium-size 3d printer manufacturer to emerge, so 3D printing market competition flourishing scene appears, not only that, a variety of integrated services also officially entered the fray. According to 2015 annual sales data by Chinese famous 3D printer manufacturer MINGDA Technology Co.,Ltd revealed that they currently have a large number of cases of cooperation UAVs, and increased remarkably. What UAV company use 3D printers to do? With curiosity, I visited a number of unmanned aerial vehicles and related industries enterprises.
I walked into a major UAVs provide spare parts manufacturing company, saw 3D printers are sitting, is well underway with print. What exactly can 3D printer make some connection or spark with UAV? I asked people in charge: "what are they print?"
Company official said: "These are UAV subsidiary parts, this is a parabolic signal booster, add aluminum can be directly used."

   "This is a UAV motor base accessories that can prevent cracking UAV, equivalent protection, strengthening the role of the event broke also repair."
   "This is to extend the tripod stand, also acts as a buffer to protect the role of UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles can prevent direct contact with the ground when landing damage."
So, I do not know do not know the relationship between 3D printer UAV could be so close.
Reporters asked: "How to make these parts in the age of no 3D printer?."
Leader:! "Before making these need to mold, high cost and our production scale is not large, this UAV is a personal thing, after all, the majority of players, a model for large-scale production could also perhaps a loss, but also We need some labor costs. "
"So we try to use 3D printers to produce, save unnecessary mold cost. Just make design drawings, then you can print straightforward, and the printing parts hardness and toughness, as well as to meet the various requirements, directly. currently we have direct  sales of these 3D printed parts online, good profit. "

So it is! So, isn’t possible to use printing a drone directly by 3D printer?Not impossible!
In theory, in addition to part of the core technology, 3D printing UAV body or other parts is entirely achievable. According to the Internet spread, foreign senior players also provides a complete blueprint UAV, according to the drawings of people have been in addition to a complete 3D printing UAV framework. In addition, also at home and abroad have repeatedly heard the news, about 3D printing UAV or aircraft parts and other news.

By 2015, the US unmanned aircraft manufacturers MINGDA? Flight? Sciences launched the world's first3D printing jet aircraft UAV, which speed up to 241km / h. It's available also means that 3D printing technology is on a higher level.

In 2014, a engineers from the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Britain successfully produced a drone through 3D printing, not only that, the entire printing process only took less than 24 hours, and only use ABS plastics as basic materials,and the production cost is very low. The reason why the Production Speed is so fast, of course, is that the printing UAV is fused into the FDM technology, which uses it to produce a thermoplastic layer quickly and easily.

In recent years, 3D printing technology in China gradually gained popularity and promotion, especially in schools and businesses, the government also strongly supported the development of new technology enterprises, the State Ministry of Industry issued in the first part of a national policy to promote the development of 3D printing "material manufacturing industry by country promoting development plan (2015-2016) "preliminary establish a more comprehensive system of increasing material manufacturing industry, in August 2015, Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council presided the seminar,discussing the problem of how to develop the 3D printing industry, and obtain the result that China need increase the Material Forming Technology. Once this one well, have the ability to catch up with foreign advanced enterprises.
I believe in 2016, 3D printing industry  in China will usher in a new look.