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3D Printing Painless Syringes, Injections No Longer Pain

Date:2016-03-01 Hits:295
3D Printing Painless Syringes, Injections No Longer Pain

3D printing as an emerging technology as not many people know it, If 3D printing development compared to the "human life," 3D printing is currently only in the "infancy", its popularity is very low. I’m think that: in reality, 3D printing technology need more practical action to win hearts and minds, so that more people will understand the 3D printing technology, 3D printing applications, will this lovely new technologies sigh in particular medical applications.

We may have the cried experience because of fear of injections , some are dare of injections, while others see the syringe had been shivering, and this is the fainting.

According to the Journal of Family Practice magazine survey found that at least one-fifth of the nation's people fainting, which most people will choose to avoid vaccination, but vaccination is a very important disease prevention measure, if escape vaccination, There is no doubt that will become a major public safety hazard, not only for their own is not responsible, but also to others. So, how should we do if we indeed can not accept injection?  
Studied at Rice University computer science 19 years old and small partners AndyZhang GregAllison MikeHua together developed a ComfortablyNumb anesthesia syringe by cooling paralysis injection site, injection site so that felt "comfortable slight numbness," almost feel the pain.
They developed this 3D print cylindrical syringe anesthesia, less than 2 inches (5 cm) long, containing two isolated areas, namely water and a small amount of ammonium nitrate, ammonium nitrate dissolved in water due to the heat , so the two mixed together to act as a role ice when twisting the cylindrical anesthesia, membrane rupture isolation zone between the reaction of ammonium nitrate and water, leading to the bottom of the metal plate rapid cooling, cooling the skin in contact with the metal plate to 4.5 degrees Celsius (about 40 degrees Fahrenheit), so as to achieve the effect of skin paralysis. One of the research member AndyZhang said that the use of this new syringe allows numb the injection site within 60 seconds.
In addition to fast, efficient, one-time, etc., different with syringe, ComfortablyNumb anesthesia syringes without go through a rigorous regulatory review complex, because the chemical substances within the anesthesia does not contact with the skin.
Comfortably Numb anesthesia syringe also won the best freshmen design award at Rice University, their team is apply for patent design, and is committed to reducing the anesthesia, hoping to put on the market.
With the invent and create by 3D printing technology, the list goes on. In the future, We want to further popularize this new technology, so that people are know and experience the quickness and convenience that 3D printing technology bring to us.