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Creation Embellish Life: 3D Printing Mobile Phone Holder

Date:2016-03-03 Hits:292
Creation Embellish Life: 3D Printing Mobile Phone Holder

Recently, MINGDA colleagues printed many phone planes by mingda 3d printer, almost everyone have one put on the table, It’s very useful and no need worry about be tired if we sew video by phone.

Think about the time that people are using cell phone,Although it’s very heavy, it was afford by few people, was regarded as a symbol of wealth, but different with that time, almost everyone have a mobile phone. It is because times brought us more convenient tools, which will create other derivative products. If we have a phone, we will thinking about how to protect our phone, as well as have a strong point to support our phone on the program of watch TV. That’s the Mobile Phone Holder.

The invention of those products, however, are not necessary made by the great designers, because the creation shows everywhere. With 3d printer as now, we can create a work easily. As the design shown on the photo, it’s simple but special figure mobile holder, and it’s very useful. No matter it’s solid or hollow of the model, the phone holder can support the phone, there is no need to worry about it’s support.

Whenever a child draw a human shape, he must draw a circle to represent the head, and few lines constitute the human body, which is the most primitive way. Many designers now are pursuing simple but modern design, can a complex thing in the most simple way sketched out.

You feel it? 3D technology is changing the world of our life, 3D scanning and printing are more and more widespread applicant by industry, education, heath care as well as our family. Perhaps in the near future, everyone can create their own product, three-dimensional creative ideas, everyone can realize their unlimited imagination and creativity! Now, open a new world  and informed 3D life with MINGDA!