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3D printing technology, to overturn the traditional appliances manufacturing

Date:2016-03-04 Hits:286
3D printing technology, to overturn the traditional appliances manufacturing
Dental 3d printer Market 2016, is an analytical study based on the Dental 3D Printer market, which analyzes the competitive framework of the Dental 3D Printer industry worldwide. evaluation worldwide Dental 3D Printer market.3D printing is gradually revolutionizing many industries, from design, to engineering, to medicine, and even to dentistry.

Normally, and I’m sure we’re all aware of the process, dentists would have to make an impression or mold of their patient’s teeth, a generally unpleasant experience, and have that sent to an external lab to have surgical guides or retainers custom manufactured. Now, thanks to 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, dentists are able to scan their patient’s teeth quickly and painlessly and have the data sent to an in-office 3D printer, turning what was a week’s long process into only a few hours.

The 3D printing technology has also helped dental surgeons to create detailed and accurate educational models to explain procedures to patients as well as teach dentists in training about certain operations.

Using 3D Printing technology to generate a full-scale model of a patient’s lower jaw, students are able to simulate implant surgery using an anatomically correct model of the jaw, greatly enhancing their education by making it realistic.