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I’m having problems slicing models with very thin exterior walls and details

Date:2016-03-07 Hits:1
The first place to investigate is to compare your extrusion width setting to the size of your model. In order for the software to slice your model, your extrusion width setting needs to be smaller than the model dimension. For example, if the wall of your model is .35mm thick and you have the extrusion width set at .40mm, the extrusion is actually larger than your model. This will cause slicing problems because the software is attempting to place the line of filament "inside" the dimension of your model. When the extrusion width is too large, the filament will be forced "outside" the model dimension. Therefore, the model will not slice properly and your model will will have holes in the Previewer. To resolve this, there are two methods- you can decrease the extrusion width or make your model larger. If you cannot change the size of the model, try reducing the extrusion width. For example, on the .35mm thick model described above, reduce the extrusion width from .4mm to .3mm and the model will slice perfectly. Note, the extruder head will have trouble printing an extrusion width smaller than the nozzle diameter so try to keep the extrusion width setting within a close range of your extruder nozzle diameter for optimal print quality.