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Industrial 3D Printer for Medical Application , MINGDA MD-6C 3D Printer Build Size 300*200*500mm
  • Industrial 3D Printer for Medical Application , MINGDA MD-6C 3D Printer Build Size 300*200*500mm
  • Industrial 3D Printer for Medical Application , MINGDA MD-6C 3D Printer Build Size 300*200*500mm
    • * One year warranty for machine, life time technical support

      * USD /SD memory card available

      * support 110V /220V power

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Industrial 3D Printer for Medical Application , MINGDA MD-6C 3D Printer

Build Size 300*200*500mm

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Adtantages of MINGDA MD-6C 3D Printer

1) Filament sensor, the machine will keep the printing step about 24h and continue to print after change the filament.

2) MINGDA Patent stepper motor and nozzle, high precision and accuracy.

3) UPS (Unintterrupted Power System), the machine can continue to printer when there sudden power off, only need a acid-lead battery (12V,1-5A).


Internal Structure of MINGDA 3D Printer:

1. Metal fram stainless steel machine structure, highly improved machine printing effect.

2. Filament holder, there design with a stent on the machine top and easy to handle filament.

3. Gas rods connect with save energy LED light, convenient for real time printing check.


4. 5 inch touch screen interface, drectly control and operate machine each function.

5. MINGDA own patent stepper motor and standard 0.4mm nozzle, high precision and accuracy to printing.



6. 10mm thickened aluminum heat bed, this thickcer design further ensure machine printing stability.

7. X Y Z axis full linear rail guide, linear rail guide is higher stabe and precision than optical version. 

8. Power system, support 110V/220V power.

9. USB,SD memory card, we usually suggest our clients to use SD card, it is more stable even when your computer are power off.

10. Unique UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) design, machine can print even when there sudden power off. Only need a acid-lead battery (12V,1-5A).


11. We supply EU/US Plug type, meet most of country need.

12. Reverted trangle design, avoid scratched from machine sharp corners.


While for your one more reference, here comes with MINGDA Series 3D Printer model for you:

MINGDA Series 3D Printer Machine Model:

MINGDA MD-16 3D Printer, printing size 160*160*160mm

MINGDA MD-4C 3D Printer,printing size 300*200*200mm

MINGDA MD-6C 3D Printer,printing size 300*200*500mm

MINGDA MD-6L 3D Printer,printing size 400*300*500mm

MINGDA MD-666 3D Printer, printing size 600*600*600mm


For now, model MD-4C /MD-6C / MD-6L 3D Printer machine internal structure had been upgraded as below

* Machine internal structure more concise and stable.

* 3D Printer machine adopt full linear rail guide internal structure, more stable and accuracy than optical version.

* MINGDA will upgrade more innovation high quality products in the comming future.

Parameters Image

Parameter of MINGDA 3D Printer:


Parameters of MINGDA MD Series 3d Printer 


MINGDA MD-4C 3d Printer

MINGDA MD-6C 3d Printer

MINGDA MD-6L 3d Printer

Max printing size

300*200*200 mm

300*200*500 mm

300*400*500 mm

Device dimension

53*41*66 cm


63*51*100 cm

Machine weight

53 kg

64 kg

95 kg

Shipping weight

70 kg

81 kg

120 kg

Size carton (cm)

60*48*82 cm

60*48*125 cm

60*58*125 cm






3.2inch LCD touch screen

Layer thickness



1.75mm-PLA(recommend), ABS, Nylon,HIPS,PETG,flexible,pp,pe,pc

Nozzle diameter

stand 0.4mm (0.2-1.0mm Available)

Printing speed

0-200 mm/s (Adjustable)

Positioning precision

Z:0.002mm,  X/Y: 0.010mm 

Print Technology

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)


0-270 ℃ 

Hot bed 

0-110 ℃(Adjustable)

Nozzle heating time

1. 5 minutes

Hot bed heating time

1 minutes


 USB, SD card

AC Input

95-265V, 56/60Hz

Machine power


File types


Operation software

Cura (SD card)

Operating system

Windows,  Linux ,Mac OX

Frame Material

High-end Stainless Steel

Hot bed material


Ball screw

Dual Ball Screws



Application area of MINGDA MD-6C 3D Printer Machine:

*  With our machine high accuracy and good printing effect, 3d printer use for 3d arm model which is use for pre-testing program medical application.

*  Most of design area, like architecture desing, interior design,car model,automobile model design etc.

*  Mainly use for art and culture,historicak relics building etc.



Packing&Shipment of MINGDA 3D Printer

* MINGDA use international standard export quality wooden box packing

* MINGDA will send standard tool box with mahcine


MINGDA 3D Printer Service

* 24h online, we will reply ASAP after receive your information.

* Perfect pre-sale service and after-sale technical support service.



MINGDA MD-6C 3D Printer Working Video:

* High Precision

* Strong Stable

* Exquisite Internal Structure



FAQ of MINGDA 3D Printer:

1) What is your machine warranty?

All the machine warranty for one year and 3 month warranty for spare parts

2) How about the machine operating system?

All the machine adopts with touch screen full color LCD operating system, easy to handle

3) Do you also support 110V power?

Yeah, all the machine support 110V and 220V power.

4) What is the machine plug?

For now, all the 3d printer machine support EU/US Plug, widely meet the world power need.

5) Do you also support large custom size 3d printer?

In order to expent our business line, we also support custom size 3d printer machine, for the more details. Please feel free to contact with us!

6) Do you also take OEM/ODM order?

In order to meet our clients verious need and also for our long term business relationship, we also undertake OEM/ODM order. For the more details please feel free to contact with us.