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3D Printed Sculpture Saves Time and Money

Date:2018-08-03 Hits:

Let's take a look at an art teacher's artwork. The sculpture model is about 1.5 meters wide, the scanning time takes half a day, the data processing takes half a day, and the 3D model is produced in one day. The scanning and 3D printing time is only3 days.


Scanned 3D data model:


3D printed finished product, width 1.5 meters:


In the field of sculpture, four main advantages brought by 3D printing:

1.3D printing can save a lot of time for mold making, and can improve the impact of other materials on the deformation of the work, and accurately present the data model. After scanning the sculpture, 3D printing saves a lot of time for overturning.

2.3D print model has significant advantages over traditional engraving. Compared to hand sculpture, 3D printing has the advantage of being able to achieve an extremely regular, complex and precise image, and is very easy to scale up and down.

3.3D scanning can quickly and easily acquire 3D data of sculptures. Combined with 3D digital engraving, data can be refined and modified. Together with 3D printing, sculptures can be quickly created. For small sculptures, 3D printing is also used to make sculptures. direction.

4. With the continuous development of the 3D printing industry, the cost of 3D printing continues to decrease. At present, the use of more mature FDM technology to make sculpture samples or directly used for the production of small sculptures has been reduced to a lower cost than hand-carved.