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3D printing leads the trend of advertising logo industry

Date:2018-08-10 Hits:

In recent years, the advertising industry is popular. With the diversification of promotion models, innovative products want to let more people know more quickly, then you need to rely on the power of advertising, and the emergence of 3D printers, let advertising Become more energetic.

3D printer has a unique cost advantage in single-piece small batch production, especially suitable for the production of complex souvenir and advertising letters, not only can achieve 3D printing advertising word integration printing, no cutting, bending, slotting, welding, Polishing and other processes and manpower can also be personalized, and can be produced according to your own needs.



Advertising as an information dissemination activity, the advertising logo mainly wants to be unique and eye-catching, and the traditional 3D effect cannot be achieved by the traditional logo mode. In today's increasingly technologically advanced world, people are looking for tangible, tangible, and tangible experience products, and the multi-dimensional effects of 3D printing technology in product concept design, prototyping, product review, and functional verification are just right. This phenomenon has been met.


For the advertising logo industry, 3D printing has the advantages of short production cycle, simple process, low labor, low production cost and fast delivery, so that it can quickly produce advertising logos, giving customers the most intuitive and high-quality visual experience. And this subversive meaning will inject new vitality into the advertising logo industry.
Companies that focus on advertising effects always use traditional advertising signs, but whether on the empty road or on the bustling urban streets, if there is not enough advertising, it is not enough to attract people's attention. The big advertising logo not only means more human resources, but also more time and effort.

In addition to the high return rate in advertising logos, 3D printing technology can fully express its own charm in the advertising industries: commercial home 3D printers can make decorations for outdoor or indoors. Renovation to make the product and store decoration style consistent; use 3D printing to create a 3D model with image features to promote and guide consumers. For the illuminating advertising words, 3D printing has the characteristics of labor saving, low cost, many changes, strong sense of science and technology, etc., which can easily solve the problem that the tricky and even the traditional methods can not solve in the customized advertising label.