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Amazing! Smooth Surfaces of ABS 3D Printed Parts with MINGDA Industrial 3D Printer

Date:2019-02-28 Hits:


It is quite common to print plastic parts by normal 3D printer with PLA filament. For some users in special industries, like auto part and electrical part, they prefer to print engineering materials rather than PLA filament.


However, to print engineering materials like Nylon (PA) and ABS well requires high equipped a 3D printer machine. Most 3D printer machines on market with easy structure (open metal/plastic frame + screws on X, Y, Z axes + acrylic) can hardly satisfy this kinds of customers.


Many of us know that engineering materials are difficult to print well because this kind of materials is easy to crack, warping and requires high printing temperature. Therefore, MINGDA professional engineers and technical team assume that fully enclosed 3D printer machine and heated bed are quite necessary for printing ABS and Nylon (PA) filament.


After the first batch of MINGDA Glitar series desktop 3D printer in 2012, MINGDA company has designed each MD series industrial 3D printer with fully enclosed metal frame, which can ensure constant temperature for the 3D printing sample. That is why customers will choose MINGDA industrial 3D printer to print different types of plastic 3D filaments.


ABS 3D Printed Parts with MINGDA Industrial 3D Printer 



Meanwhile, MINGDA company is also the first manufacture to equip 3D printer with some advanced functions, including UPS to protect the complete 3D printed part from power off suddenly, filament sensor to prevent filament ran out or breaking, auto turn-off to save energy.



As a leading brand manufacturer of 3D printer in China, MINGDA is glad to cooperate with those who want to print out their designs with outstanding performance, provide high quality 3D printer machine or 3D printing service. If you have any interest in MINGDA industrial 3D printer or cooperation with reliable 3D printer manufacture, please try your best to contact with us!