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Is MINGDA 3D Printer Suitable to Me?

Date:2019-03-12 Hits:


When we search 3D printer machine on Google or Alibaba, there will be too many suppliers of different types of 3D printer to make a decision. While for making plastic prototypes, FDM 3D printer is the best choice for saving time, energy and money etc.


In the past several years, we can find many DIY machines. However, this kind of machine can hardly satisfy the professional users no matter the machine cost is low. Therefore, some desktop 3D printers with small sizes come out and help us in design and development of new products. What about those product with large volume?


Many 3D printer manufacturers try to produce desktop 3D printer with big printing size, but it requires professional team and mature technology, big CNC machine and high production cost. In order to meet the clients’ requirements, MINGDA, a nine-year manufacturer of 3D printer provides customized large size 3D printer for them, and sizes ranging from 600*600*600mm, 700*500*500mm, 800*500*500mm, 1200*400*400mm, 1000*1000*1000mm.


If you are loyal to MINGDA brand 3D printer machine, you will find MINGDA 3D printer is updated once or twice each year since the establishment in 2009. From the very beginning, MINGDA has produced the first batch of Glitar series 3D printers (Glitar 4C/5C/6C/6S/6L) with open structure and metal frame but these machines are very stable and has good printing performance.


In the year of 2017, MINGDA MD series 3D printers (MD-4C/MD/6C/6S/6L) have been listed on market with fully enclosed metal frame, aluminum heated bed and advanced functions, like UPS and filament detector.

In the year of 2018, the latest MINGDA MD series 3D printers has been launched with industrial linear guide rails on X, Y, Z axes and a newest function of auto power-off.




If editor is a student without wage income but have great interest in 3D printing industry, I may choose cheap price DIY 3D printer or desktop 3D printer. While for products design, a high quality 3D printer with good printing effect and friendly design is undoubtedly a best choice. If you have interest in getting a good quality 3D printer, please try your best to send inquiry here.


MINGDA newest 3D printer for your choice,


1000*1000*1000mm MD-1000 large 3D printer (need to customize)

600*600*600mm MD-666 large 3D printer

400*300*500mm MD-6H industrial 3D printer

300*200*200mm MD-4H industrial 3D printer

160*160*160mm MD-16 desktop 3D printer