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How MINGDA MD-1000 3D Printer Satisfies Clients in Tool Box Industry?

Date:2019-03-16 Hits:

There are FDM 3D printer of different printing sizes on the market, such as 220*220*250mm, 400*300*500mm, 160*160*200mm etc, but most of them are DIY machines or desktop 3D printers with small volume and common printing effect. However, MINGDA company as a ten-year manufacturer has the leading production system and mature technology to produce industrial 3D printer, including 300*200*200mm MD-4H, 300*200*200mm MD-4H (dual extruder), 400*300*500mm MD-6H, 600*600*600mm MD-666.




Besides the standard industrial 3D printer that can print different kinds of plastic materials, MINGDA also can provide customized large size 3D printer according to customer’s requirements. Last week, a customer from Italy who falls in the scope of tool box industry has requirement on large 3D printer.  As a green hand to 3D printer machine and 3D printing technology, this client has doubt on the quality of machine as well as printing effect on their design. Considering that, MINGDA team decides to make a printing models for this clients. 





As you can see in this photo, the printing effect is amazing for its smooth surface and detailed printing. The same as you, this client is surprised and satisfied to this model, and place an order on MINGDA 1000x1000x1000mm MD-1000 customized 3D printer without any hesitation. 





Let’s see more features of MINGDA MD-1000 customized 3D printer.


1. Printing size: 1000*1000*1000mm MD-1000 3D printer can fully meet the requirements of the designer on large scale works.

2. 5.0 inch LCD touch screen with simple symbols makes users operate the machine easily.

3. Totally enclosed metal frame provides a constant printing environment on printing models.

4. Full linear guide rails on the X, Y, Z axes highly ensure the stability and accuracy of machine.

5. Three different functions: UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), filament sensor, and auto power-off, which are very important for the big size model. Therefore, you do not need to be around the machine at any time, and you can saves a lot of time and cost.

6. Standard export wooden case for each MD-1000 3D printer protects the machine during long-time transportation.



If you want to print your works out with plastic materials in high quality, a reliable supplier and a good 3D printer machine are necessary besides your excellent design. Contact with MINGDA team or send your inquiry here.