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6 Features of MINGDA MD-1000 Large Size3D Printer

Date:2019-03-23 Hits:

Large format 3D printers are an increasingly popular category of additive manufacturing machines.  Indeed, build volume is often among the main criteria users look for when purchasing a 3D printer. From professional 3D printing users to makers and hobbyists, size matters for all. So sure, it’s still possible to print a large size object in several parts and assemble them. But why not consider getting a large size 3D printer? 

However, about large size 3d printer with 1000*1000*1000, there are few manufacturers in the market that can make such a large size machine. About the industrial grade 3D printer, MINGDA has 10 years manufacturing experience. From desktop to industrial 3d printer, from screw to full linear guide rails for each axis, from open structure to totally enclosed metal frame, MINGDA company always stands in the forefront of the industry. With the ability to develop new products, we can produce large size 3D printer according to requirements of customers. Last year, MD-1000 with customized size 1000x1000x1000mm came out, which has been well received by customers praise and affirmation. Today, we’d like to share you more details about MD-1000 large size 3D printer.

1. Fully assembled, ready to Print

Unlike most other low-cost DIY large 3d printers, this printer ships fully assembled and has already been adjusting at the factory. We even include a SD card with preinstalled models, so you can start printing right out of the box!

2. Full enclosed metal Frame, Noise and heat loss reduction, Better print quality.

Printers with an enclosure tend to be far more quiet. This makes them far more viable for office desktop environments. It’s also a bonus that since less heat escapes enclosed printers, they tend to be better to keep around equipment that doesn’t do so well with fluctuating temperatures. Besides the points mentioned above, a closed 3D printer has a stronger more sturdy frame than a printer with an open structure – this also enhances print quality. Particularly with larger printed parts, print quality can vary depending on the quality of enclosures.


3. Full linear guide rail on the 3d printer, make the machine more stable than screw structure of DIY and Desktop 3d printer.

Linear guides are precision mechanical assemblies, which normally be used in CNC and other Precision instruments. MD-1000 X,Y,Z axes adopt full linear guide rails, which can ensure hot bed moving stability from both horizontal and vertical direction., and make printing more efficiency, strong stability, high precision.

4. High precision 0.05-0.3mm, 10mm aluminum hot bed 100% flat printing.

0.05mm layer thickness, 10mm thickness aluminum heated bed, its max temperature can heat 110 degree, matching with it's full enclosed structure and stable full linear guide rails, to promise best stability and precision.


5. There are 3 additional functions of MD-1000 3d printer: UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), Filament sensor, and Auto Power-off, which are very important for the big size models.

*UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), when power off, our machine will stop working and keep memory for 24 hours if adding a lead battery (12V, 1-5A), and then you don’t need to restart printing again. Which is very important for the big size model.

*Filament sensor, 3d printer machine will stop working if no 3D printer filament, and will work if reinsert new materials.

*Auto Power-off, the machine can be auto power-off after finishing printing model. So, if you want to go out or do anything which take longer time, you don’t worry the question of power-off.

6. With MD-1000 3d printer, what models can you print?
You can use it to print furniture, automobile, large prototypes, or several series of smaller objects in one go,etc..Once again, with large 3d printer, the only limit is your imagination. 



If you want to know more about MD-1000 or other customized MINGDA 3d printers, just contact us right now! We look forward to hearing about your 3d printing experience soon!