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What if MINGDA Industrial 3D Printer Printing ABS Plastic Parts ?

Date:2019-06-06 Hits:

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a widely used thermoplastic in the injection molding industry. It ’s used for applications such as electronic housings, automotive components, and LEGO bricks. Printed ABS matches 80% of the strength of injection-molded ABS, which makes it very useful for functional applications. ABS is accurate and has an intermediate level of printed details. However, most of 3D printer machine on market can not print ABS materials well because of ABS material itself makes the model easy to crack during printing. What about MINGDA industrial 3D printer? Can it print ABS material well?



MINGDA, a leading brand manufacturer of 3D printer machine with more than 10 years, focus on producing high quality industrial 3D printer for professional use, economic desktop 3D printer for home and school, affordable DIY 3D printer kits for hobby lover etc.


Compared with common 3D printer on market, MINGDA industrial 3D printer machine (400*300*500mm MD-6H, 300*200*200mm MD-4H) can print ABS well because of the good mechanical design, fully enclosed metal framework + aluminum heated bed + linear guide rails etc.



Let’s see some brilliant jobs printed by MINGDA industrial 3D printer!



If you want to know more information of MINGDA industrial 3D printer MD-6H, MD-4H, please click the following photos or send an inquiry to us. We also accept 3D printing service with different kinds of plastic filament, including PLA ABS materials etc.


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