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MINGDA D3 large format 320*310*400mm 3d printer with wifi remote control
  • MINGDA D3 large format 320*310*400mm 3d printer with wifi remote control
  • MINGDA D3 large format 320*310*400mm 3d printer with wifi remote control
    • 1)Simplified installation steps, only four screws and racks, and standardized wire, even for new beginner can install the 3D printer quickly.
      2) Diversified Leveling Functions: Automatic Leveling and Auxiliary Leveling, Improving the Printing Accuracy
      3) UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), when power off, our machine will stop working and keep memory for 24 hours. Which is very important for the big size model..

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MINGDA Newest Large size DIY 3D Printer Kit 320*310*40mm

Professional  Beautiful , Accurate, Stable
With Wifi and auto leveling Function

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1.What is the application of MINGDA 3D printer?

For personal design, as personal collections, gift for friends. Model sample for testing and showing. The finished object could be used for one person workshop, industry, school, design department, hospital, school, etc.

2. Is the 3D printer easy to handle and maintain?

Yes, very easy to use 3d printer for PLA and ABS. Just three steps to use. Maintain just need the simple lubricating grease or oil.

3. How about the after-sale service?

Anything about the 3d printer please call, email, or chat with us. We are 24 hours available.

4. How about the 3d printer for PLA and ABS price?

In China, there is an old saying, "The cheaper, the worse". We would ensure a good quality with reasonable price..

5. What type of software can I use in MINGDA 3D printer?

MINGDA 3D printers are designed for compatibility with many open-source and commercially available software. For more help in choosing the software that's right for you, see our Software Guide.

6. What type of filament is compatible with MINGDA 3D printer?

We've designed our machines to work with a broad range of commercially available filaments, including PLA, ABS, TPU, HIPS, Nylon, Wood, Carbon Fiber, Copper etc.

7.Do your machines have automatic leveling function?

Yes! A variety of leveling methods, intelligent sensing, automatic leveling + manual assist leveling combined to facilitate platform calibration and improve printing accuracy.

8. Can you put my brand name (logo) on these 3D printer OEM service?

Of course. In order to explore the market better and provide more convenient services to global customers, MINGDA sincerely invites overseas agent to create bright future together.

9. What is the build size of MINGDA 3D printer machines?

For DIY machine, we have below size:
D4 420*420*400mm
D3 320*320*400mm
D2 230*230*260mm

We also have industrial and desktop 3d printer, you can contact with us for more details.