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Cost Reduction-3D printing sculptures by MINGDA 3D Printer

Date:2019-06-11 Hits:



Few people realize that every sculpture of a mannequin is a work of art. The traditional method was to sculpt the anatomical perfection of a mannequin from clay by hand. Designing a single figure out of clay is very expensive and time consuming, that is the same for every player in the market. The old production process was spread throughout the high-end mannequin industry. Sculpting by hand was just the way this industry worked. The whole production process takes around eight weeks, especially when multiple designs or assemblies are required.

CNC, Casting? What else?

Technologies such as CNC could do the trick but given the size of pieces,material costs would also be high since in their case large blocks of material would need to be cut into sculptures. Other large processes were able to make things in inexpensive materials such as EPS foam. These parts were more manageable in cost, but they did not have the longevity, strength, and finish that met their customer’s expectations.




MINGDA 3D Printers in 3D sculptures Production

When people say : “with 3D printing, the only limit is your imagination”, they’re right !  With MINGDA large-size machine MD-666(printing size 600*600*600mm), and even MD-1000(printing size 1000*1000*1000mm), can completely break through the limitation and imagination.   



MINGDA 3D printers are made for industrial manufacturing. Not only optimized for production these machines can make the large 3D sculpture prints your need. MD-666 and MD-1000 can let you 3D print large objects such as the 1:1 mannequins sculpture in one or two piece. The combination of large build volumes and a machine designed for manufacturing is unique. 

It can Increase the expressive power of the portrait model by post-processing techniques such as polishing and coloring. Just like below sculpture, which looks like metal martial after coloring.




If you are not sure what our MINGDA 3D printer can do for you or want to check more details of our 3D printer machine, please feel free to contact with us!