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Why MINGDA MD-6H industrial 3D printer is popular for market?

Date:2019-06-21 Hits:

  In the past, each 3D printer user always asked about what is exact the 3D printer and what is the function of 3D printer machine. Now, with the development and popularization of 3D printing technology, almost everybody has heard about 3D printer machine, and even some students in schools have already learned about its printing principle. To sum up, people who order 3D printer is to print model for their company products after they finish their design or before they make mould, which can help them to save time and energy. Some are for printing models for their hobby, decoration, or even cultivating the design capability etc.



  It is because of the wide application of 3D printer machine, more and more investors come to this industry. If we distinguish the different kinds of 3D printer with the printing materials, we can find three main kinds of 3D printing machine, including metal materials 3D printer, resin 3D printer, and plastic materials 3D printer. Among these three main kinds of machines, plastic materials 3D printer, also called FDM/FFF 3D printer is more economic and popular.


  MINGDA, as a leading brand manufacturer, provide full range of FDM 3D printer for market, including cheap price DIY 3D printer machine for hobby lovers, desktop 3D printer machine for home, office, educational purpose, and industrial 3D printer for professional use. If you are a loyal fan of MINGDA 3D printer, you will find the printing size 400*300*500mm 3D printer is always existing since the first version Glitar 6L from 2014 to 2016, MD-6L from 2016 to 2018, then MD-6H from 2019 to now. Even some sizes have been stopped production, some bigger size and small size have been launched, this size 400*300*500mm is always here and very popular, but why? What is the main difference of between this newest MD-6H 3D printer and other machine? Let see...



1. Structure

*Fully enclosed metal frame to make it more stable than those open frame and plastic frame machine.

*X, Y, Z axes adopt linear guide rails to make the machine more stable and accurate than screw structure.

*5 inch LCD touch screen and easy-understanding marks on the display to make us use the machine easily compared with common machine with white-black or white-blue screen.



2. Performance

*Moving speed 0-300mm/s adjustable (recommended printing speed 50-150mm/s).

*0.05-0.3mm layer thickness (common machine is 0.1-0.2mm), matching with it's full enclosed structure and stable full linear guide rails, to promise best stability and precision.

*It can print PLA, ABS, TPU, TPE, HIPS, PETG, Nylon, Copper, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Wood etc.



3. Functions

*UPS to keep printing memory if power off suddenly, and it can print from where is stop when power on again.

*Filament Detector to stop the machine if filament breaking during printing, and it can print from where it stop to help you save materials when reinserting new filaments.

*Auto power-off to let the machine power off automatically no matter you are outside or sleep



4. Price and Service

*MINGDA produce their 3D printer in a batch in one time to save product cost. Compared with same quality 3D printer on market, MD-6H industrial 3D printer is more affordable. Click this words in blue for ordering the machine directly.

*MD-6H industrial 3D printer is under one-year warranty, therefore, the users is no need to worry about the quality issue.

*MINGDA has professional technical team to provide online service via email, whatsapp, skype, qq, wechat, mobile communications etc. No matter you have question on the machine operation or want to have professional technical communications with our engineers and technician, please feel free to contact with us~.~