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Why choose MINGDA MD-6H 3D printer to do 3D printing service?

Date:2019-06-26 Hits:

When people wish to 3D print, they can either purchase a 3D printer to do it themself, or they can decide to work with another printing service company that will 3D print their objects. The advantages of this choice are numerous. First, people don’t always have to make the 3D model themself, since the printing service company can help with this part. Some will even accept to work with drawings or physical objects. Second, it’s usually better in terms of convenience: good printing performance by 3D printing professionals.
For the clients who are specialized in 3D printing service, there are some reasons why choose MINGDA MD-6H 3D printers.

1.    Multi-filaments printing available. 



Each 3D printing material has its own properties. While some of them are perfect for mechanical uses, others are better for design. Having a wide range of choice will help you 3D print objects that really match your needs.
MINGDA MD-6H 3D printer can print all kinds of materials, such as PLA, ABS, Carbon Fibre, PETG, ASA, HIPS, NYLON, WOOD, Copper etc. It is widely used automobile, medical, toys, mechanical, architecture,art design, education, furniture, food, lighting industry, etc. with different material requirements.
Below are some printing videos of MINGDA MD-6H by different filaments for your reference.
Carbon Fiber Printing Video of MD-6H: https://youtu.be/6ZLoAOEtTLU
TPU filament printed by MD-6H:https://youtu.be/PAZhMJgJC7U
ABS printing video of MD-6H:  https://youtu.be/M6IRFGb8JyQ
PLA printing video of MD-6H: https://youtu.be/srpw7EOUeEg
Details of MD-6H: https://youtu.be/-4-uQ_9qs7s
2.    Good stability and long working life for the MD-6H 3d printer   

The whole-steel body of MD-6H not only ensure the stability when printing but also greatly extend the usage period.  The optimization and cooperation of overall structure ensure the sustainable and efficient operation. The first batch of MINGDA 3D printers have been working for 9 years and more than 13000 hours. 

A closed MD-6H 3D printer has a stronger more sturdy frame than a printer with an open structure – this also enhances print quality. Particularly with ABS and larger printed parts, print quality can vary depending on the quality of enclosures.
For 3d printing service, the stability of 3d printer machine is most important factors. Otherwise, it just like a nightmare by using other 3d printers for 3d printing service, you need to reschedule another setting and print again and again , but not all customer can be patience if they can’t receive the prototypes on time with high performance. With MD-6H, you don’t have to worry about the stability, and it’s long working life will help you save lots of cost.

3.    High printing precision for the MD-6H 3d printer 

The accurate linear rail structure can print models in accuracy high reach to 50 times higher than the other ordinary optical axis printers in mass market. Linear guides are precision mechanical assemblies, which normally be used in CNC and other Precision instruments. MD-6H X,Y,Z axes adopt full linear guide rails, which can ensure hot bed moving stability from both horizontal and vertical direction., and make printing more efficiency, strong stability, high precision.
We exclusively research and develop the extruder feeding system support high-speed printing, and accuracy can reach high to 0.05mm, it allows to extrude filament steady without block.
Quality is customer  top priority when it comes to their 3D printed parts. You can see from the below pictures to know the difference performance between what we printed and other 3d printers printed. This client finally bought our MD-6H for 3d printing service.  

4.    Other Functions 

There are three big good functions on our MD-6H 3d printer, which are very important for you to print the large models and help you save cost and time.

1) UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), when power off, our machine will stop working and keep memory for 24 hours if adding a lead battery (12V, 1-5A), and then you don’t need to restart printing again. Which is very important for the big size model.

2) Filament sensor, machine will stop working and keep the memory if there is no 3D printer filament, and then it will continue printing after reinserting new materials.

3) Auto Power-off, the machine can be auto power-off after finishing printing model. So, if you want to go out or do anything which take longer time, you don’t worry the question of power-off

There you go, are you still looking for a 3D printer for printing service that really matches your needs? You may want to check out the MINGDA website to discover more about our machine. Or you can send us your model to us to get your 3D printed products to check the performance!