Mingda Industrail ABS-GF25 is a glass fiber reinforced ABS material with a skin-core structure. The inner core is ABS reinforced with 25% chopped glass fiber, and the outer shell is unfilled ABS resin with high bond strength.

The polymer liquid is always in a laminar low state in the throat and nozzle so the skin-core structure of filaments can be maintained even after being extruded through the nozzle. This skin-core structure not only contributes to the low shrinkage, warpage resistance, and excellent mechanical properties which ordinary fiber-reinforced materials have, but stronger interlayer bonding performance for printed parts as well. It has fixed the defect that the ordinary fiber-reinforced material will lose the bonding strength between layers. Meanwhile, there is no coating fiber on the surface of the printed part, and the surface presents a bright matte texture.

● Low shrinkage

● Warpage resistance

● Excellent mechanical properties

● Stronger interlayer bonding performance for printed parts

● No coating fiber on the surface of the printed part

● Multiple colour

Compatibility: S-Multi


● Structural appearance parts with high temperature resistance below 90°C

Recommended Print Settings

Nozzle temperature (°C)


Build platform temperature (°C)


Printing speed (mm/s)

30-120 mm/s

Cooling fan



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