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Does MINGDA 3D Printer Can Print Carbon Fiber ?

Carbon fibers serve to increase the durability of the product printed from the filament in terms of stiffness and tensile strength. 

The advantage of carbon fiber filament:

1. Carbon fiber material has higher printing precision, good fluidity, and is not easy to block the nozzle when printing

2. The material has good rigidity, and the printed model has good hardness and good strength, and it is durable as a structural parts.

3. The shrinkage rate is low, and it performs well even when printing a model with a large size.

4. The carbon fiber is filled to make the printed product have high strength performance.

5. Has an antistatic effect.


MINGD industrial 3D printer MD-6H is full closed metal framelarge size hot bed , durable inner temperaturestainless steel nozzle, it can easily to print carbon fiber. Last week we finished bulk quantity carbon fiber printing service which using our industrial 3D printer MD-6H 3D printer, the printing size of large MD-6H 3D printer is 400x300x500mm, very nice printing, below are some part of carbon fiber sample we printed for customer:

Does MINGDA 3D Printer Can Print Carbon Fiber ?(图1)

If you want to know more of our MINGDA MD-6H 3D printing machine or how we printed carbon fiber using our industrial MD-6H 3D printer, you can send inquiry to us.