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New Product Launch!MD-666 PRO is Coming

MINGDA  has been focusing on the development and application of large-size industrial-grade 3D printers for 11 years since 2009. The classic products launched over the years, MD-6H, MD-666, MD-1000, are due to their high-precision printing performance. excellent user experience, and affordable price,which have been unanimously praised by industrial users. Our recently launched new product MD-666 PRO has iteratively upgraded the core functions on the basis of MD-666, which has witnessed breakthroughs in new technologies. So, how does this MD-666 PRO perform? What are the highlights? Let's take a look.

1. Large size printing, fully meet the needs of industrial users

Max large-size platform, 600*600*600mm super large forming space, creative Max future productivity, can fully meet the industrial needs of auto parts, advertising, furniture, construction and other industries

New Product Launch!MD-666 Pro is Coming(图1)

2.Ultra-high precision printing, guide rail + screws structure

MD-666 PRO adopts the module structure of X, Y axis guide rail + Z axis screws structure to achieve the high precision printing performance.

New Product Launch!MD-666 Pro is Coming(图2)

3.All metal Direct Extruder , support multi-filament printing

The all-metal extruder will let the feeding more smoothly, with fast withdrawal speed, can support multi-material printing such as elastic materials, and it sdopts brass nozzles, no plugging, no threading, free printing 

New Product Launch!MD-666 Pro is Coming(图3)

4.10mm ultra-thick aluminum substrate hot bed, fast heating speed, flatter platform, maintaining printing stability

New Product Launch!MD-666 Pro is Coming(图4)

5. Super Friendly design, improve user experience

The heating bed is retractable. For large-size 3D printers, this function is extremely user-friendly and easy to disassemble the model. In addition, the rear door of the new MD-666 PRO is detachable, which is more convenient for leveling and maintenance.

New Product Launch!MD-666 Pro is Coming(图5)

6.Filament sensor, continuous printing after power failure, worry-free printing for a long time, saving filaments  

New Product Launch!MD-666 Pro is Coming(图6)

7.Emergency stop button, safer printing

 Let's take a look at the printing effect of MD-666 PRO?

New Product Launch!MD-666 Pro is Coming(图7)

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