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MINGDA Company Development

In 2009

Shenzhen Mingda Technology Co., Ltd. 3D Printer Division was established in Shenzhen

In 2010

Formed an R&D center with a technical team from the United States and entered the product development stage

In 2011

Formed an Asian R&D center with professors from Tsinghua University, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, and Wuhan University of Technology to develop products with great concentration

Establish a standard production line

Glitar 1 released

In 2012

Glitar3 was released and received rave reviews after entering the international market, but the supply exceeds demand

The first generation products passed FCC and CE certification

In 2013  

Glitar5, Glitar6 and Glitar7 3D printers are launched

The 2nd generation product passed FCC and CE certification

In 2014  

Entering a period of rapid development, cooperating with more than 100 colleges and universities

Glitar8 and Glitar9 are upgraded and released

Become an internationally renowned brand! Successfully developed multinational overseas agents

Supply for domestic education bases! The equipment has been recommended by many prestigious schools for scientific research and education.

Obtained dozens of patents for 3D printer technology

The 3rd generation products have passed FCC and CE certification

In 2015

The industrial-grade rail structure 3D printer MD-4C was released and officially entered the market. MD-6L completed the upgrade

Cooperating with the world's top 500 companies, unanimously recognized and praised

Obtained dozens of patents for 3D printer technology

The 4th generation products have passed CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications

Participated in the Canton Fair in March

Participated in the Canton Fair in October

In 2016

The company moved to a new location and expanded its scale

Layout the industrial-grade and smart-grade 3D printer market

Successfully developed a large-size 3D printer

The stability and accuracy of MD-666 are highly affirmed by customers

Participated in the Canton Fair and Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition in March.

Participated in Dongguan Mould Exhibition in April

Participated in the Canton Fair in October

In 2017

Layout the industrial, smart, and educational 3D printer market

MD-16 released

Participated in the Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition in March

Participated in the Canton Fair in April

Participated in the High-tech Fair in October

Participated in Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition in November

In December, Alibaba's third-party factory audit, entered KA merchant

In December, the research and development phase of the new intelligent industrial-grade 3D printer was completed

In 2018

Layout industrial-grade large 3D printer MD-1000 3D printer, breaking industrial 3D printer limits

MD-666 upgrade to MD-666Pro with leveling upgraded

In 2019 

Consumer 3D printer D2, D3, D4 in R&D and trial production stage

Passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification

Layout overseas exhibitions. Participated in industry exhibitions in India, Indonesia and other countries, and achieved good results

Layout of global after-sales service centers

In 2020 

Mass production of tens of thousands of consumer 3D printers D2, which continues to gain popularity in the consumer field

Layout LCD 3D printer K3

Won the National High-tech Enterprise certification

In 2021

Breakthrough in technological innovation, new products are coming soon