MINGDA Company Development

In 2012: MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd., was founded with a focus on large industrial 3D printers, provided complete 3D printing solutions for different enterprises, schools, and institutes. In the meantime, MINGDA became one of the most influential brands of large FDM 3D printers all over the world.

In 2019: MINGDA has formed a professional R&D team to develop consumer 3D printers since the popularity of 3D printing and the tendency of 3D printers to convenient people's life and production.

In 2020: MINGDA D series and Rock series 3D printers were launched one by one. At this time, MINGDA technical team continued to grow and work based on the high product quality, new technology, users requirements, etc.

In 2021: MINGDA's newest Magician series 3D printers were launched with the newest auto bed leveling technology, which has subverted the traditional leveling method of the industry.

In the future, MINGDA will bring more excellent products to users around the world and contribute 3D, the power of printing technology.