Ideal for printing Aircraft ,ship model, UAV models

MINGDA ASA-Aero Filaments is specially developed for aircraft model, ship model, drone and other fields, and provides a light-weight 3D printing consumable. ASA-Aero adjusts the temperature during the printing process to control the foaming ratio of the material, so that the density of the consumables extruded by the nozzle can be adjusted within a certain range, reducing the weight of the model, which can be reduced to about 35% of the normal ASA printing model in the best case; the matte texture of the printed surface can also reduce the lamination phenomenon to a certain extent.

● High heat resistance

● Low density


● Aircraft, ship model, UAV models

Recommended Print Settings

Nozzle temperature (°C)


Build platform temperature (°C)


Printing speed (mm/s)

30-90 mm/s

Cooling fan



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