3D Printed Brake Pedal Bracket for Quick Verification of Car Braking System

With the continuous development of 3D printing technology, the application of 3D printing in the automotive industry is evolving from being used for design verification to testing functional components such as drives and engines. 3D printing technology can use special materials to make the printed parts meet the mechanical properties and accuracy indicators, and ensure the accuracy and strength requirements of auto parts. This shows that the application of 3D printing technology in the automotive industry is shifting to higher-value applications.


3D Printed Brake Pedal Bracket for Quick Verification of Car Braking System(图2)

3D Printed Brake Pedal Bracket for Quick Verification of Car Braking System(图3)


As far as we know, famous car manufacturers such as BMW Audi Porsche Volkswagen are using 3D printing. The picture below shows the bracket model of the PET-CF brake pedal printed by a foreign car manufacturer with the MINGDA MD-600 Pro high-temperature 3D printer. The manufacturer uses 3D printers for assembly verification, safety testing, rapid verification of the car's braking system, and accelerated iteration of pedal updates.


The manufacturer uses MINGDA's improved PET-CF material, which has good stability during the printing process, no warping, no odor, and no need for a thermal chamber. The material is suitable for long-term stressed parts and is suitable for printing large-scale models. The strength is 3-4 times that of ABS. Widely used in automotive and industrial fields, such as brake pedal brackets, equipment appearance covers, fixed brackets, etc.


Recently, MINGDA large-size machines are undergoing new upgrades. Among them, MD-600 Pro and MD-1000 Pro, the device printing size is 600x600x600mm and 1000x1000x1000mm. These two machines not only break through the material limitation brought by temperature but also print speed. Great improvement. Let's look forward to new products. 


As MINGDA and other outstanding 3D printer manufacturers continue to breakthrough technology and materials, 3D printed parts do not have any problems in terms of quality, strength and durability. In the future, some industry analysts believe that once 3D printing reaches a sufficient scale, a group of 3D printing technology companies will transform into new types of auto parts suppliers. What do you think?