3D Printed Customized Mannequins, Vigorously Speed up the Design

3D Printed Customized Mannequins, Vigorously Speed up the Design

For hundreds of years, artists, tailors, window designers, and creatives have used mannequins to display clothing. Mannequins, which are used in clothing stores around the world to display the perfect clothing. But have you really considered how the mannequin is made, how long does this process take, and how much does it cost?

Before the advent of 3D printing technology, traditional mannequin prototypes were usually handcrafted with clay by excellent artists, and factory-made models were usually replicas made of cardboard, which were then layered into molds for baking. Baked into a solid, and finally finished with linen. Usually it may take 4-8 weeks to produce a perfect mannequin from design to sample.

Now with the emergence of 3D printing technology, the prototyping process can be shortened faster and the cost can be significantly reduced-from 8 weeks to a few days to complete. One of MINGDA MD-600 Pro customers is a famous French mannequin manufacturer. They mainly produce mannequins for some famous luxury brand clothing stores in Paris, Sweden and Switzerland. With MD-600 Pro, they can print out high-quality mannequins within a few days, and then show them to customers. After the customers approve, they can start mass production.

MINGDA MD-600 Pro is a large size 3D printer with fully enclosed structure, and use the linear guide ralways. The printing size is 600*600*600 mm. MD-600 Pro has a high-quality double-gear extruder. The extruder feeds uniformly, which can ensure that the surface of the printed model is very smooth.

In fact, the mannequin can be printed in one piece, but in order to be able to print the mannequin without supporting materials and save printing time, the arms and legs are printed separately. After these parts are printed, they are glued together. Finally, the mannequin can be further polished and painted.  

At present, this French company mainly uses MD-600 Pro for prototyping, but for some smaller boutiques, the company is also using MD-600 Pro to make mannequins in small batches.