Amazing! 3D Printed Portraits are So True to Life

Amazing! 3D Printed Portraits are So True to Life
Since the rise of 3D printing technology, the upsurge of 3D portrait printing has been very popular. A few days ago, an advertising company in South America purchased the MINGDA large-size industrial-grade portrait 3d printer MD-600 Pro for printing local aboriginal statues. What is the stage of portraits 3d printing currently? Some people often ask this question, let’s use the client’s work to answer this question.
After visiting these photos, can't help but sigh that 3D printed portraits can have so delicate skin and so real expressions. So many people will be curious, How to print a real me by the 3d printers?

Step1: Use a 3D scanner to obtain 3D portrait data. Using the scanner to scan the subject requires only three minutes of on-site scanning to obtain a preliminary model.

Step2: Use 3D modeling software to recover and repair 3D data.
Step 3: 3D Printing. 
Step4: Post-processing. Finely polished and hand-painted to complete the 3D printed portrait.

As a rapid prototyping technology, 3D printing additive manufacturing technology can be applied in many fields. The application of portrait 3D printing bears the inheritance from ancient times to the present. The presentation from virtual to reality is the creation of human wisdom.

For 3D portrait printing, the first choice is MINGDA's high-precision large-size industrial-grade 3D printer MD-600PRO, long-term stable operation and printing, and keep the most beautiful you for time.