Automotive Industry Users Choose MINGDA MD-1000 Pro Large 3D Printer

Automotive Industry Users Choose MINGDA MD-1000 Pro Large 3D Printer

MINGDA 3D printers are more and more widely used in the auto parts industry.

At present, there are 2 products in Mingda's industrial 3D printer series, 1000x1000x1000mm MD-1000 Pro and 600x600x600mm MD-600 Pro, which are compatible with high-temperature materials including PET-CF, PET-GF, PA12-CF, etc. The oversized building size is especially popular with users in the automotive industry.

As we all know, the automotive industry is an industry with very rapid updates and iterations, and new products need to be continuously developed. 3D printing can help users quickly print prototypes and test shapes and structures. 3D printing costs much less than actually making the design. This provides new opportunities for auto companies to iteratively test multiple times at low cost, so as to upgrade new product development. And all designed parts can be printed in-house, which greatly reduces the risk of design leaks.


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A large French automobile manufacturing company purchased the first MD-1000 Pro 3D printer in 2020 to make production tools and prototypes to improve its production efficiency and R&D efficiency. After a year of experience, They bought their second MD-1000 Pro in 2021. The customer emphasized that "In addition to printing large-sized models and printing materials, the stability of the large machine is particularly important, because many models need to be printed for a long time without interruption, so when choosing this machine, sufficient test."

MINGDA is committed to providing customers with high-quality products, services and solutions, and continuously creating value for every customer. MIINGDA hopes that the MD-1000 Pro 3D printer can help more auto companies to iteratively upgrade their products.