Can MINGDA 3D Printer Print Carbon Fiber?

Can MINGDA 3D Printer Print Carbon Fiber?

The combination of carbon fiber and 3D printing technology has now been widely used in aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, electronics and sporting goods and other fields, becoming the most popular additive manufacturing technology after metal printing. Let's take a look at what advantages does carbon fiber material have compared with other materials? Why is it so popular?

What are the advantages of carbon fiber materials?

1.Very Slight

The density of carbon fiber composite materials is generally  1.6-2.1G/CM3, which is lighter than many metal materials

2. Anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion

Carbon fiber composite materials can resist ultraviolet rays, eliminating the trouble of ultraviolet rays that plague many materials. Carbon fiber composite materials have good corrosion resistance and can still work normally in complex and harsh environments.

3. Wear resistance and impact resistance

Carbon fiber composite material is wear-resistant and impact-resistant, which has obvious advantages compared with general materials。

4. Good electrical conductivity

5.Good safety, high impact resistance, strong designability

MINGDA 3D printer print carbon fiber materials? 

The answer is definitively yes. MINGDA has focused on the application of industrial-grade 3D printers for nearly 12 years. For carbon fiber, a 3D printing material that is quite sought after by industrial users, MINGDA  3D printers can undoubtedly print. High-precision industrial-grade 3D printers MD-6HMD-600 Pro and MD-1000 Pro are all good choices. Let's take a look at the carbon fiber 3D printing model shared by customers!

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