Can the MINGDA MD-600 Pro 3D printer print PET CF filament?

Can the MINGDA MD-600 Pro 3D printer print PET CF filament?

With the continuous development of 3D printing technology, the following 3D printing filaments are gradually enriched and innovative.

Although the common PLA and ABS filament can already meet the needs of most users, there are still some users who need more powerful materials to print samples in order to better verify the applicability and reliability of the model in the early proofing stage. 

In view of the needs of users, MINGDA newly upgraded the best-selling 3D printer MD-600 Pro. In addition to the feature of large size 600x600x600mm, the newly upgraded MD-600 Pro has made a major update in the extruder. The new all-metal print head can increase the temperature up to 350° and print more high-temperature and high-performance filament.

PET CF filament mixes 15% carbon fiber on the basis of PET. It has the characteristics of high strength and heat resistance. In addition, by suppressing the weak point hygroscopicity of the 3D printing filament, the water absorption is very small and does not need to be dried. PET CF filament is a high-strength, low-wear 3D printing filament. In addition, it has a 74°C heat resistance, is hard and sturdy, so it can be widely used in industrial industries such as automotive parts, jigs, and fixtures.

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