How to Print a Auto Bumper with MINGDA MD-1000 Pro Large 3D Printer?

How to Print a Auto Bumper with MINGDA MD-1000 Pro Large 3D Printer?

3D printing technology has set off a 'speed revolution' in the auto parts industry! In the context of the global manufacturing industry moving towards Industry 4.0, more and more companies in the automobile manufacturing industry are applying 3D printing technology to the manufacture of auto parts. As an emerging rapid production technology, 3D printing technology brings huge development potential to the automobile manufacturing industry by virtue of the advantages of streamlining the process and shortening the manufacturing cycle!




Let's watch a video on how to print an auto bumper with a 3D printer.



The bumper model is printed by Mingda MD-1000 Pro large 3D printer, and the printing filament is carbon fiber, which is stronger than normal PLA filament. In addition to printing bumpers, MD-1000 Pro large 3D printers are also widely used in the printing of auto parts models such as grilles, door panels, rearview mirrors, headlight assemblies, instrument panels, etc.




It is precisely because of the market demand of the auto parts industry that Mingda has launched a new upgraded version of the industrial 3D printer MD-1000 Pro. The maximum build size can reach 1x1x1 meters, and it can support printing a variety of engineering filaments, whether it is exterior decoration parts, interior decoration parts, or functional and structural parts, there are suitable filaments that can meet the requirement. In addition, because some large-sized models need to be printed for a long time, Mingda has undergone a long-term test on the stability of the machine, which can support 7x24 hours of uninterrupted printing. In addition, the machine is equipped with a continuous printing function after power failure and filament interruption, which can guarantee that there will be no problem of printing pause due to external factors.


Automobile manufacturing has always been a key area of 3D printing technology. With 3D printing technology, concept models can be produced in hours or days, which greatly reduces time costs. Therefore, 3D printing makes the development of new auto parts more convenient and fast, such as from verification to finalization; the development of metal molds for complex parts, the design of concept cars, etc., not only meets the needs of independent development and innovation but also greatly reduce the development of automobiles and production costs.


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