MINGDA 3D Deepens Collaboration with NMD Moto Factory: Pioneering Innovation in 3D Printing Technology for Motorcycle and Automotive Parts

MINGDA 3D Deepens Collaboration with NMD Moto Factory: Pioneering Innovation in 3D Printing Technology for Motorcycle and Automotive Parts

Recently, MINGDA 3D successfully concluded its exhibition in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), marking a significant expansion in the Middle East market. Following this, the MINGDA team visited the well-known NMD Moto Factory in Dubai and received a warm welcome, further solidifying the partnership. This visit not only strengthened the collaboration but also involved on-site training by the MINGDA technical team for NMD Moto Factory, ensuring the full utilization of MINGDA 3D printing technology's advantages.



NMD Moto Factory, a prominent motorcycle manufacturer in Dubai, is known for its strong pursuit of product innovation and personalization. To enhance their research and production capabilities, NMD Moto Factory purchased MINGDA's first large-scale 3D printer, the MD-1000 Pro, in July of this year. During usage, NMD Factory highly praised the performance and stability of MINGDA 3D printers. Based on this trust, they subsequently acquired two more machines, the MD-1000D and MD-400D.



The exceptional performance of MINGDA 3D printers has been fully demonstrated at NMD Factory, bringing great convenience to their research and production with high precision and efficiency. Additionally, the comprehensive after-sales service provided by MINGDA 3D has significantly enhanced NMD Moto Factory's user experience.





Notably, this year MINGDA 3D has achieved significant breakthroughs in printing speed and material compatibility. The newly launched MD-400D, MD-600D, and MD-1000D printers have a printing speed five times that of traditional FDM 3D printers! This means that MINGDA printers can complete more printing tasks in the same amount of time, significantly improving production efficiency. Moreover, the dual extruders of the new models MD-400D/600D/1000D can reach temperatures up to 350 degrees, compatible with a wide range of materials, including common materials such as PLA, ABS, TPU, as well as engineering materials such as HtPA, PET-GF, PET-CF, and support materials like S-Multi and PVA. This ensures that MINGDA 3D printers not only guarantee product quality and performance but also meet personalized demands.



In addition to high-speed printing and extensive material compatibility, MINGDA's new models MD-400D/600D/1000D also boast a range of advanced features, including automatic bed leveling, camera monitoring, WiFi connectivity, power-off resume printing, filament detection, vibration compensation, emergency pause, and self-check on startup. These features not only enhance the convenience and efficiency of printing but also ensure the stability and reliability of the printing process.





As a leading Chinese 3D printer R&D manufacturer and a national high-tech enterprise, MINGDA 3D has been dedicated to providing users with comprehensive 3D printing solutions. Through close collaboration with global customers, including NMD Factory, MINGDA 3D continues to drive the application and development of 3D printing technology in the automotive, motorcycle, electric vehicle, and automotive parts industries.





Looking ahead, MINGDA 3D will continue to deepen its presence in the 3D printing field, continuously introducing more innovative technologies and applications. Choosing MINGDA means choosing the future. We look forward to MINGDA 3D achieving even greater success in advancing the global development and application of 3D printing technology.