MINGDA Assists the Development of Autonomous Electric Vehicles in French Dencentralise Urban Trans

What would a world look like where nobody owned a car anymore? Maybe something like this: If you needed to get somewhere, instead of rummaging for the key, you'd pull out your smartphone and order an autonomous vehicle via an app. Less than three minutes later, it would roll up and drive you anywhere in the city where you want to go. Driven by this wonderful idea, a famous French company devoted itself to the research and development of shared autonomous electric vehicles.

A few days ago, in order to accelerate the product development process, the French company purchased the MINGDA 1m*1m*1mcustomized large-size industrial grade high precioson 3D printer MD-1000 Pro again. This is the second MD-1000 Pro they have.

Thomas, the CEO of the company, mentioned that 3D printing technology is now widely used in the auto parts industry. For example, when verifying the feasibility of product assembly in the early design stage, 3D printing technology can promptly discover the feasibility of product design errors, complex parts or prototype principles. At the same time, 3D printing technology can also be applied to some single-piece small-batch production,such as car bodies, chassis, synchronizers, the production of lightweight structural parts on automobiles, and customized special-purpose workpieces and inspection tools, all of which can be made of carbon fiber and ABS and are produced in small batches. MD-1000 Pro Large 3D printer helps them a lot during their R&D process becuase of the stability in liong time printing.
The printing size of MD-1000Pro is 1000*1000*1000mm. For large-size industrial-grade 3D printers, the most difficult technical difficulties are leveling and long-term stable operation. The MINGDA Engineers have sharpened the swords for twelve years. They are the pioneers of intelligent leveling in the industry. They have been committed to continuously improving the leveling technology and have been approved by the industry. In terms of machine stability, MINGDA strictly controls raw materials and uses high-quality materials. MD-1000 Pro use the high quality sheet metal structure, industrial grade wear-resistant guide rails, thick aluminum substrate hot bed, continuous printing time up to 12 days, ensuring long-term worry-free printing!  
At present, the wider application of 3D printing technology in the field of auto parts has become a general trend. With the continuous development of technology, what new sparks will 3D printing and the auto industry create? MINGDA believes that with the improvement of 3D printing and related industries, the future development of 3D printed cars is unpredictable.