MINGDA Large Industrial 3D Printer MD-600 Pro 1:1 Scale Printing Bathroom Equipment Prototype

MINGDA Large Industrial 3D Printer MD-600 Pro 1:1 Scale Printing Bathroom Equipment Prototype

All you need is an idea, some materials, and a 3D printer to transform all the ideas in your mind into entities. In principle, you can print a car, a house, an arm, or even a piece of pork. This fast-developing technology in Europe and the United States has been listed by Time magazine as one of the “ten fastest-growing industries in the United States”, while the Economist magazine in the UK believes that it will “combine with other digital production models to promote the realization of the third The sub-industrial revolution".

3D printers are not only fun, but also really useful. A well-known bathroom manufacturer in North America is using MINGDA large industrial 3D printer MD-600 Pro to print prototypes of washbasins, faucets, shower valves, toilets, etc., saving a lot of research and development time and costs.

We are a leading 3d printer manufacturer in china for 12years. Before 2019, we mainly focus on large size industrial-grade FDM 3d printers. As 3D printing technology is known by more and more people, we began to develop DIY 3D printers, which can help more users enjoy the fun of 3D technology.

The product designers of the company mentioned that before buying MD-600 Pro 3D printer, they often find outside design companies to develop new products. This is a long and expensive process. The worst part is that sometimes the design elements are not communicated correctly or even lost.3D printing allows us to review all aspects of the design and change the details before the supplier develops the sample. In some cases, we will send the 3D print to the supplier to ensure they fully understand the geometry. 3D print large objects Not only provides us with more design freedom, but the cost is also much lower.

With affordable 3D printing technology, the supplier was able to print prototypes at a 1:1 ratio without loss of quality or detail. The material cost of this toilet with a size of 550 x 200 x 300mm is about 40USD. The basin uses 0.4 mm nozzle, 0.2 mm layer height, 10% filling for printing, and the printing material is PLA.

3D printers have been widely used in all walks of life. MINGDA Hope 3D printer can help more and more company speed up the new product development.