MINGDA MD-600 Pro 3D Prints Steering Wheel for Auto Parts Industry

MINGDA MD-600 Pro 3D Prints Steering Wheel for Auto Parts Industry

3D printing technology has been widely used in industrial manufacturing. The biggest advantage of this technology is the flexibility in the production process. Compared with traditional manufacturing methods, it can quickly turn conceptual designs into real objects, effectively simplifying the production process, reducing R&D costs, and shortening R&D. cycle. 3D printing technology provides a faster and more efficient way of innovation, and it has begun to gradually occupy a place in the field of automobile manufacturing.

In recent years, more and more automobile companies have begun to introduce 3D printing technology to shorten the research and development cycle and accelerate the development of new products. Let's take a look at a case where 3D printing technology is applied to car interiors.

   MINGDA MD-600 Pro 3D printed car steering wheel

The steering wheel model is printed by MINGDA MD-600 Pro high-temperature 3D printer, and the printing material is PA12-CF. The entire model was restored 1:1 with a size of 322.5*322.5*112.6mm, and it took 38 hours and 40 minutes for printing.

MD-600 Pro is a newly upgraded large-size high-temperature 3D printer from MINGDA. The build size can reach 600*600*600mm, and the nozzle temperature can reach up to 350 degrees. It supports printing a variety of high-temperature filament, such as PET-GF, PET-CF, PA12-CF, HtPA-GF, HtPA-CF, etc. In addition, the MD-600 Pro 3D printer adopts an all-metal frame, a full-rail structure, the whole machine is safe and stable and can support long-term printing.

Whether it is a car steering wheel, seat, dashboard, headrest, door armrest, mid console, etc. can be 3D printed, MINGDA hopes that 3D printing can help more auto parts industry users and use 3D printing for product development In the fields of design verification, functional testing, fixture manufacturing and quality inspection in the production process, hope the 3D printing manufacturing mode is used to design products, breaking through the limitations of traditional concepts, bringing greater room for product performance improvement, and even for the automotive industry. bring more substantial benefits.