The Application of MINGDA MD-1000 Pro Automobile Hub

The Application of MINGDA MD-1000 Pro Automobile Hub

What kind of application will the 3D printer with the title of "everything can be printed" have in the automobile industry? Let's reveal together!


According to a survey by the German VDMA-German Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Federation, the application of 3D printing in the automotive field in the manufacturing industry has accelerated in recent years. Among them, 3D printing of automobile wheels is a very eye-catching application of additive manufacturing in the automobile field. 

As we all know, the wheel hub is one of the most important safety parts in the car. With the continuous development of the automobile industry, the requirements for the appearance design of the wheel hub have also become higher. It must not only conform to the mechanically strong support structure but also show individuality and the art of beauty.




The traditional manufacturing process chain of automobile wheels is complicated, the cost of prototypes is high, the production cycle is long, and it is obviously unfeasible to complete such a task in a way with low design fault tolerance. Compared with the traditional manufacturing technology (subtractive manufacturing), 3D printing does not need to make molds in advance, does not need to remove a large number of materials during the manufacturing process, and does not need to go through a complex forging process to get the final product, with "removing molds, reducing waste.", lower inventory" features, it is very suitable for the model design of wheel hubs.

In order to complete the design of the car wheel hub model, a car design company chose Mingda large-scale industrial 3D printer MD-1000 Pro.

The reasons for choosing the Mingda MD-1000 Pro 3D printer are as follows:

  1. It is equipped with an intelligent leveling system, which can automatically adjust the uneven hotbed. High-sensitivity sensor, one-button leveling, 25-point precise leveling. No need to spend a lot of time on manual leveling.



2. Its build volume is 1000*1000*1000mm, and this building size can realize the printing of large-sized models in one piece without splitting.



3. The MD-1000 Pro magnetic bed is flexible and detachable, and the model can be easily removed after printing.

In addition, users in the 3D printing auto parts industry prefer PA12-CF engineering plastics, which have certain hardness and wear resistance and can be processed later. In addition, Mingda MD-1000 Pro also supports printing other engineering materials. The printing parameters are as follows:


Mingda industrial large 3D printer MD-1000 Pro truly helps users achieve "design-led manufacturing", improve the competitiveness of products, fully realize creativity-driven, and manufacture products that meet specific consumer needs.