The Application of the MINGDA Industrial 3D printer in the Electrical Box Industry

The Application of the MINGDA Industrial 3D printer in the Electrical Box Industry

With the strong growth momentum of additive manufacturing in the global market, the scale of the 3D printing industry continues to expand. Compared with traditional manufacturing methods, digital manufacturing has brought disruptive innovation to the industry. With the advantages of high flexibility, high precision and low manufacturing cost, 3D printing technology has gradually been developed and applied to various fields.

We already know that 3D printing technology is widely used in auto parts, medical prosthetics, cultural relic restoration, architectural sculpture and other industries. What other industries are we not aware of?

Recently, a European customer printed an electrical box model with a MINGDA industrial 3D printer.

The model was printed in 19 hours on a MINGDA 600x600x600mm MD-600 Pro industrial 3D printer using carbon fiber. Because carbon fiber material has strong toughness and stiffness, excellent impact resistance and lightness, it is an ideal material for many product frames, supports, shells, propellers, and instruments. 


MINGDA MD-600 Pro is a product developed based on the production enterprise's demand for prototype production in the product design stage. It has reached a comprehensive balance in printing function, machine stability and price is suitable for printing large-size, diverse and complex models, and can meet the needs of most enterprises for high-precision, large-size and long-term printing. 

MINGDA believes that in the near future, with the innovation of technology and the development of enterprises, 3D printing technology will become more mature in more fields. MINGDA will continue to uphold the belief of excellence and the good wishes for the future of 3D printing, accelerate the innovation of 3D printing technology and the development of technology, create higher-quality 3D printing equipment, and create value for more users.