What a large art table 3D printed by MINGDA MD-1000 Pro 3D printer?

What a large art table 3D printed by MINGDA MD-1000 Pro 3D printer?

In the field of home furnishings, personalized customization has gradually become the mainstream of the market. 3D printing technology can produce creative products according to the needs of consumers, making it possible to produce personalized designs of products at the same time, which not only makes furniture products more innovative but also broadens the scope of the furniture market potential.


Recently, MINGDA 3D printed a customized rainbow-colored table with the large-scale 3D printer MD-1000 Pro at the request of a furniture manufacturer.



3D printing furniture abandons the single color, changes the previous situation, combines the colors with a new look, and prints orderly colorful furniture.


The characteristics of 3D printing rapid prototyping are not limited by traditional processing technology, and it has a beautifully curved surface shape, which is a major breakthrough in the field of furniture. Integrating 3D printing technology into the design and manufacture of creative home products can meet the individual needs of more and more consumers. As an emerging production technology, 3D printing technology has a variety of technical applications, a sense of design and a sense of the future, just to meet the needs of young people chasing the trend of differentiation, although 3D printing is currently affected by some factors in the design and production of household products. However, in today's pursuit of customized and differentiated products, the development trend of 3D printing technology applications must have broad market prospects.


Due to its large molding size of 1000*1000*1000mm, MINGDA MD-1000 Pro can meet the needs of integrated molding of large-scale models and is suitable for many industries such as auto parts, home design, electrical enclosures, lamps, and lighting. The MD series has always been the most popular large-scale industrial 3D printer of MINGDA, and the MD-1000 Pro is a classic product that has been tested by the market.


MD-1000 Pro adopts an all-metal fully enclosed structure, which has both aesthetics and firmness. The high-temperature head can reach up to 350 degrees and supports printing a variety of high-temperature materials. It is suitable for printing different materials in different industries; the upgraded PEI hotbed is easier Paste the model and remove the model; its streamlined color touch screen is easy to operate, and has sensitive feedback... For more details, please refer to: https://www.3dmingda.com/md-1000pro