What Did They Say About MINGDA IDEX 3D Printer MD-400D?

What Did They Say About MINGDA IDEX 3D Printer MD-400D?

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“MD-400D provides an efficient 3D printing solution for enterprises and manufacturers seeking quick manufacturing and high-performance engineering filament printing.” from All3DP

The popularity of IDEX 3D printing is increasing due to its ability to scale-up industrial additive manufacturing. However, smaller build volumes are a drawback in many existing solutions with dual extruders. Shenzhen Mingda Technology Co., Ltd | 3D Printer Manufacturer has addressed this with their latest machine, the MD-400D, showcasing larger-scale IDEX printing. ” from 3DNatives

“One of the larger IDEX 3D printers on the market, the MD-400D offers a substantial free mode build volume of 400x400x400mm. This is ideal for the production of large-scale industrial parts and prototypes. ” from 3dprintingindustry

MINGDA MD-400D is the large IDEX 3D printer on the market. 

One of the standout advantages of the MD-400D is its independent dual extruder, which offers a host of benefits. Most notably, it allows for the printing of supports using breakaway filaments. Complex models with overhanging elements often require support structures to ensure proper printing. However, traditional single extruder systems use the same filament for both the model and the supports, making their removal a delicate process that risks damaging the part. In contrast, by utilizing the second extruder for support printing with a breakaway filament, the MD-400D simplifies support removal, ensuring a smooth and successful printing experience. And it’s Duplication and Mirror printing modes capable of printing two pieces at a time. Double printing capacity means double productivity. When you have an MD-400D 3D printer, you get one 3D printer but you double your productivity. That’s the advantage of MINGDA IDEX 3D printer, if you are looking for a large IDEX 3D printer, MD-400D should be your best choice!

Main Features
✔️IDEX Technology: double your productivity and finer printing complex models 
✔️Industrial Grade Filament: high-temperature engineering filament, that supports printing various carbon fiber and glass fiber composite materials
✔️Massive Print Volum: One-piece printing of large-scale models
✔️Widely Applications: Automobile, Aerospace, Medical Equipment, Jigs & Fixtures, Manufacture aids, Electrical and electronics (E&E) industry

✔️Build Volume: 400 × 400 × 400mm
✔️Extruder Type: IDEX (Independent Dual Extruders)
✔️Nozzle Temperature: ≤ 350 °C
✔️Hot bed Temperature: ≤ 110 °C
✔️Printing Filament: PA12-CF, PA12-GF, PET-CF, PET-GF, PLA, ABS, PETG, PVA, support filament, etc
✔️Platform: PEI plate
✔️Leveling: 25-point automatic leveling
✔️Filament Run-out Sensor: √
✔️Resume Printing: √