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MINGDA X1 3D Scanner for Education
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1) It's a projector

2) It's an iPad

3) It's a 3d scanner

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  • MINGDA X1 Portable hand-held mini 3d scanner 

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    Easy-to-Use Smart Scanners Portable White Light Handheld 3D Scanner
    MINGDA X1 3D Scanner for Education(图1)

    Product profile

    MINGDA X1 is the world's first Android portable high-precision 3D scanner, equipped with 7.0inch 2K high-definition capacitance touch display screen, with embedded computing power, large capacity lithium power continuation, is an industrial VR/AR color reverse modeling, 3D portrait shooting. A good helper in homework. 3D models can be scanned and output without connecting to a computer. Based on cloud computing and storage technology, users can calculate, store and share 3D models in different places. Automatic operation is realized in the scanning process, which is simple and easy to use, and is suitable for users of all ages.

    MINGDA X1 3D Scanner for Education(图2)


    1) Measurement accuracy: ≤ 0.1 mm; single side scanning accuracy: ≤ 0.1mm (obtained in laboratory standard test environment, customer specific use environment may affect accuracy)
    2) Point distance 0.12mm
    3) Single side measurement range: 200 × 300mm
    4) Scanning time: ≤ 2 min;
    5) Single side scanning time: 5 s;
    6) Camera resolution: 13 million pixels;
    7) Projection resolution: 1080P;
    8) Light source: White light;
    9) Splicing mode: automatic scanning of turntable, free scanning, stitching of mark points;
    10) The maximum measurement range is as follows: automatic scanning of turntable: 200mm × 300mm × 250mm, free scanning: 1000mm × 1000mm × 1000mm;
    11) Output data: can output single-angle point cloud, multi-angle point cloud, triangulation package patch;without the help of third-party software, package STL can be directly 3D printing;
    12) Support RGB24 bit true color model output;
    13) Output data format: STL,OBJ,PLY,ZX3D;
    14) Turntable size: 200 × 50 (mm), load bearing 5 kg;
    15) The fuselage has its own lithium battery with capacity ≥ 6000 mah, standby time ≥ 48 hours and continuous operation for more than 2 hours.
    16) Working mode: the probe comes with its own model calculation and display function, without connecting to PC. At the same time, support cloud computing and local area network computing; can support one computer as a local server, support multiple scanners scanning at the same time.
    17) Can provide secondary development SDK
    18) Operating system: Android 7.1;
    19) The fuselage comes with a full-color 7-inch capacitance touch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200.
    20) Software functions:
    * Fully independent development of software (including three-dimensional data acquisition, automatic splicing and fusion, post-processing and other functions);
    * Automatic splicing of turntable: for objects of different shapes, users can automatically set the number of scans to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the final model;
    * Automatic photometric measurement: the software can carry out one-button automatic photometric measurement to adapt to the changes of the environment and the difference of objects, so as to ensure the measurement accuracy.
    * Multiple scanning fusion: complex shape objects, users can scan multiple times, the software will automatically merge it into a complete model;
    * Smoothing processing: users can smooth the scanning results according to their needs.
    * Multiple scanning modes: software support single angle, multi-angle measurement, support point cloud, patch, package data export;
    21) List of equipment:
    1 set of 3D scanning probe, 1 set of bracket, 1 set of high precision rotating table, 1 set of calibration plate and bracket, 1 set of mounting positioning pad, 1 connecting line and 1 packing box.
    22) Extended function: support 3D model AR photography function; probe with projection, support teaching projection.

    23) The products have been certified by FCC,CE and Rohs.

    MINGDA X1 3D Scanner for Education(图3)

  • Performance Parameter
    Measurement   accuracy:≤ 0.1 mm;
    Point   distance0.12mm
    Single side   measurement range:200 × 300mm
    Scanning time≤ 2 min
    Single side   scanning time5 s
    Camera   resolution13 million pixels
    Projection   resolution1080P
    Light sourceWhite light
    Export Data   FormatSTL, OBJ, PLY etc.
    Memoryat least 4G available
    TransmissionWIFI、Bluetooth 4.0 and Type-C
    sceen7.0inch 2K touch   screen
    Operating   SystemAndroid 7.1

  • MINGDA X1 3D Scanner for Education(图1)

    1) Virtual reality

    MINGDA series 3D scanners have excellent true color texture acquisition ability, and the output is high fidelity and high reduction color 3D models. The application of Minda in the field of virtual reality can effectively reduce the repair and processing of the model by designers in the later stage. Make the designer more focus on the late special effects rendering work, improve the efficiency of design and creation.

    2) Education (creator, general education, higher education)

    The application prospect of MINGDA series 3D scanner in education industry is unprecedented. It can meet the 3D education needs of different levels of institutions, such as general education, vocational education, higher education, creators and so on, and can meet the diversified needs of education and teaching at the present stage. Through simple and easy-to-use teaching demonstration, situational simulation and other teaching practices, students can experience and learn the latest 3D technology.

    3) Digital Museum (Heritage Modeling)

    MINGDA series 3D scanners can be used for contactless high speed, high precision modeling and fine texture details for cultural relics of different materials and colors. It can solve the difficult problems in the application of cultural relics protection and restoration, and the excellent texture effect can meet the needs of online display of cultural relics and digital construction of museums, without the need for secondary processing by professionals.

  • 1.What is the application of MINGDA X1 3D Scanner?

    It is widely used in the field of Virtual Reality, Education (Maker,General Education and High Education), Digital Museum(Cultural and Historical Relic Modeling) etc.

    2. Is the 3D scanner easy to handle and maintain?

    Yes, very easy to use 3d scanner for reverse engineering. It support cloud computing and local area network computing; can support one computer as a local server, support multiple scanners scanning at the same time.

    3. How about the after-sale service?

    Anything about the 3d scanner please call, email, or chat with us. We are 24 hours available.

    4.What is the scanning technology it use?

    It effectively solve the problem of scanning objects at multiple angles by using scanning camera scanning technology to accumulate very high scanning accuracy. it can meet the scanning of various scanning objects.

    5. Can you put my brand name (logo) on these 3D scanner OEM service?

    Of course. In order to explore the market better and provide more convenient services to global customers, MINGDA sincerely invites overseas agent to create bright future together.

    6. What other functions does this machine have?

    X1 not only is a 3d scanner, but also same as an iPad, which can surf the Internet, watch movie, and play games.It's also a projector.