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Dual Extruder MD-4H Two Colors 3D Printer Build Size 300*200*200mm MINGDA 3D Printer for PLA
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High Quality dual extruder 3D printer

Max printing size: 300x200x200mm


1. UPS

2. Filament detector

3. Auto power-off


1. Industrial grade full linear rails structure

2. 10mm aluminum hot bed, temperature up to 110 degrees

3. 5-inch full color touch screen display

Features: two colors printing + high stability + high precision + easy operation

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  • Details and Features of Dual Extruder MINGDA MD-4H 3D Printer

    1) MINGDA 3D Printer adopt user friendly 5.0 inch large LCD touch screen, easier to understand and operate.

    MD-4H (1).jpg


    2) MINGDA international brand stepper motor, makes printing more efficiency, strong stability, high precision.

    3) Standard patent nozzle, adopts diameter 0.4mm nozzle, further ensure MINGDA best selling 3D printer printing more precision. No blocking and no drawing during the printing.

    4) Detachable tank chain, protecting the wire of machine, it is very convenient to replace machine parts.


    MD-4H (5).jpg


    5) 10mm thickness aluminum hot bed, supports MINGDA 3D printer parts printing more stable and higher precision.

    6) All Z/X/Y axis adopt linear guide of MINGDA high end 3D printer, ensure hot bed moving stability from both horizontal and vertical direction.

    7) There is high quality imported belt inside MINGDA 3D printer machine to control nozzle's movement more stable and accurate.


    Two Colors 3D Printer Build Size 300*200*200mm Dual Extruder MINGDA MD-4H 3D Printer for PLA(图3)

    8) There is open door on the front of 3D printer, it is very convenient to check the printing state anytime you like.
    9) Built-in energy save LED light for MINGDA high precision 3D printer machine, to check the printing more clearly.

    10) Equip filament sensor detect if filament breaking or used out, resume printing after inserting new filament.
    11) UPS: Machine can keep printing memory if power off, and it can print from there it stop if power on again.

    12) Auto Power-Off: It will automatically power off to save energy if the model is finished.
    13) 110V/220V power support for MINGDA smart 3D printer, meet the need of world power .
    14) MINGDA 3D printer interface, supporting USB and SD memory card (we usually suggest SD memory card to our clients)


    Two Colors 3D Printer Build Size 300*200*200mm Dual Extruder MINGDA MD-4H 3D Printer for PLA(图4)

  • Prameters of Dual Extruder MD-4H 3D Printer
    Printing Size300*200*200mm (1mm= 0.03937inch)
    Machine Dimension 595*445*975mm
    Packing Size660*500*1190mm
    N.W/G.W43 KG/58 KG
    Frame MaterialHigh-end Stainless Steel
    Display&Controller5.0 inch LCD touch screen
    Step motorMINGDA brand 57 stepper motor gear
    Heating bed10mm thickness Alumina heating bed , 700W
    File TypesFile Types: STL, STP, OBJ, G-Code
    SupportsWindows, Linux, Mac OX
    Track of machineindustrial grade linear guide rail on X, Y and Z axes
    AC Input95-265V, 50/60Hz
    Gross Power700W
    Nozzlestand 0.4mm MINGDA patent nozzle
    Layer Thickness0.05-0.3mm
    Max Printing speed0-200mm/s (adjustable)
    Nozzle Temperature275 degree 
    Platform Temperature110 degree
    ConnectivityUSB / SD Card (recommende by us)
    Printng MaterialsPLA and PLA Composite (Wood, Copper, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum) etc.

  • Application of MINGDA Dual Extruder MD-4H 3D Printer

    MINGDA has the ability to modified their standard MD-4H industrial 3D printer with dual extruders design, which can print two rolls of PLA materials to get two colors models. It is widely used in home, office, school, etc. Below are some 3D printing models made by MINGDA 3D printer.

    Two Colors 3D Printer Build Size 300*200*200mm Dual Extruder MINGDA MD-4H 3D Printer for PLA(图1)

    Two Colors 3D Printer Build Size 300*200*200mm Dual Extruder MINGDA MD-4H 3D Printer for PLA(图2)

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) of MINGDA Professional FDM 3D Printer


    1. Q: What type of software can I use in MINGDA 3D printers?

    A: 3D printer is only as good as the design it's given to print. And to design and format prints, you'll need the right software -- specifically design and slicing software. There are options to meet every ability level and budget, but all printers are compatible and some even require the use of proprietary software. MINGDA printers are designed for compatibility with many open-source and commercially available software. For more help in choosing the software that's right for you, see our Software Guide here.


    2. Q: What type of filament is compatible with MINGDA 3D printers?

    A: Some printers on the market are only compatible with proprietary filament, which is often more expensive and limiting in terms of types and colors of materials available. Knowing the cost and availability of these items up front will save you down the road. At MINGDA, we've designed our machines to work with a broad range of commercially available filaments, including PLA, ABS, TPU, HIPS, Nylon, Wood, Carbon Fiber, Copper etc.


    3. Q: Do MINGDA 3D printers have a heated print bed?

    A: Yes, 10mm thickness aluminum plate. One of the most critical aspects required for a great print, is the adhesion of the first layer to the printing surface. Some materials will not adhere to the surface unless it is heated to a specific temperature. MINGDA 3D printers come standard with a heated build platform. It heats evenly across the entire build plate from corner to corner, and heats up to 110 °C and higher to ensure you get excellent adhesion.


    4. Q: How often will MINGDA 3D printers need to be leveled?

    A: Ensuring your print bed is leveled before printing is a critical step in achieving great prints. The more your printer jostles out of alignment, the more often you need to stop to re-level your printer. We've designed our MINGDA 3D printers with true level calibration - Four Big Screws to ensure that it's easy for you to properly level and it stays level. No more fussing! According to the customer's feedbacks, it's almost no need to adjust the heated bed if using our industrial 3D printer.


    5. Q: What is the MINGDA 3D printers constructed out of -- steel or acrylic?

    A: Make sure you know what the printer is made of. Great prints require stability and rigidity from the machine, and that starts with the printer's frame. Frames constructed out of materials such as acrylic or light gage steel can warp or fall out of alignment, which will diminish the quality of your prints in due time. MINGDA industrial 3D printers are built out of strong stainless steel in fully enclosed structure. You can rest assured, it will stay square year-after-year.


    6. Q: What are the build size of MINGDA 3D printer machines?

    A: Each 3D printer has a certain build volume. The bigger the build dimensions not only means you can print bigger parts, but you can print more student's designs simultaneously. The more prints you can batch, the better! MINGDA industrial 3D printer including 1000x1000x1000mm MD-1000, 600x600x600mm MD-666, 400x300x500mm MD-6H, 300x200x200mm MD-4H, 160x160x160mm MD-16. Desktop 3D printer, 160x160x160mm MD-16. DIY 3D printer, 420x420x400mm D4, 320x310x400mm D3, 230x230x260mm D2.


    7. Q: Enclosed or Open Structure of MINGDA 3D printer appearance?

    A: Desktop 3D printers come in both open and enclosed designs. For most educational purposes, standard print materials such as PLA and ABS are most often used and don't require enclosures to get great prints. Enclosures become more critical when using specialty materials that require highly controlled temperatures. MINGDA focus on Industrial 3D Printer for professional usage, and also provided Desktop 3D Printers for educational usage, to make it easy to swap out nozzles, perform maintenance tasks and upgrades yourself. It also increases visibility allowing students to see the print process itself. And if you find for any reason you need an enclosure, it is not difficult to create a DIY solution.


    8. Q: What are the typical maintenance costs of MINGDA 3D printer?

    A:Just like any piece of machinery from a car to a computer, tune-ups are required from time-to-time to ensure the longevity of the machine. Make sure you know upfront what the typical maintenance costs look like, and if you will be able to complete any repairs or upgrades yourself. At MINGDA, we want you to have a wonderful experience with your printer for the life of the machine, and we make it easy and affordable to make upgrades and swap out parts as need be. Check out our shop to see what's available. Our support team is also available to talk through any questions you may have in the process.


    9. Q: What kind of support from MINGDA is available and are there additional fees?

    A: In the event that you need assistance with a repair or maintenance question, make sure you will be able to get the help you need. Check to see what the support team's typical response time is and the extent to which their services are covered under your warranty. One of MINGDA core values is providing prompt, friendly and expedient technical support. If you ever need to contact MINGDA for support, our team is staffed with the most knowledgeable and responsive Maker Gear experts.


    10. Q: How can I get support from MINGDA 3D printer manufacturer?

    A: MINGDA has a large sales and after-sales team. This group of MINGDA member is young, but active, powerful, responsible, professoinal and reliable. If you have any confusion or question to our products, please kinds contact with us at your best~.~