MINGDA industrail HtPA-CF (High Temperature Polyamide carbon fiber reinforced) combines high temperature and chemical resistance with extreme mechanical properties.

It allows to work under 150ºC continuous temperatures with the peak temperature of 180ºC in comparison to a standard PA. 15% carbon fiber reinforcement makes it stiffer thus open new fields for the printing of demanding applications.

● High resistance to heat (up to 180ºC)

● Stiff and impact resistant

● As strong as annealed aluminium

● High wear and abrasion resistance

● Resistant to solvents and corrosive chemicals

● Low moisture absorption

● High dimensional stability

● Easy to process

Compatibility: S-HTPA


● Structural and functional parts subject to high temperatures and aggressive environments

Recommended Print Settings

Nozzle temperature (°C)


Build platform temperature (°C)


Printing speed (mm/s)

30-120 mm/s

Cooling fan



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