Product Advantages

Smart Fiber Reinforced Technology

MINGDA controlling the dispersion and distribution of chopped carbon fibers within the material matrix during the extrusion process, the fibers form a mesh skeleton structure within the material and bear most of the load transferred by the material matrix. Smart Fiber Reinforced Technology greatly improves the mechanical properties and heat resistance of the material, and releases the internal stress during the printing process through the fiber mesh structure, resulting in good dimensional stability of the printed part and no warpage.

Low Mositure Sensitivity

HtPA-GF based on modified high temperature nylon, whose saturated moisture absorption rate is only one tenth of ordinary pa6, completely solving the defects of the mechanical properties and dimensional stability of nylon materials that change greatly after absorbed moisture.

Super Abrasive Resistance

HtPA-GF has a low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating properties and excellent wear resistance, which can easily meet all kinds of high-strength gears or industrial applications with high wear requirements.

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